Are you tired of spending time and resources on answering the same customer queries repeatedly? SupportGuy is here to make your life easier.

What is SupportGuy?

SupportGuy is an AI-powered Slack bot that can be trained on your knowledge base to provide instant, personalized support to your customers. It is accessible 24/7 inside Slack, making it convenient for both you and your customers.

How does it work?

Getting started with SupportGuy is a breeze. Here's how it works:

· Setup: It takes only 10 minutes to set up SupportGuy.

· Create a chatbot: Add data from various sources like a website, a bunch of links, or a PDF document.

· Add it to your workspace: Simply add the SupportGuy Slackbot to a workspace of your choice.

· Have fun: Your bot is just a /supportguy command away. Use it to dig up helpful information at the right time.


SupportGuy offers different pricing plans tailored to suit your needs. Here's a quick overview:

· Free: 50 messages, 1 chatbot, 400k characters of knowledge/chatbot, and 10 document uploads.

· Hobby: $15/month or $150/year, with 1,000 messages/month, 3 chatbots, 1M characters of knowledge/chatbot, and 20 document uploads.

· Standard: $45/month or $450/year, with 4,000 messages/month, 5 chatbots, 2M characters of knowledge/chatbot, and 50 document uploads.

· Premium: $95/month or $950/year, with 10,000 messages/month, 10 chatbots, 4M characters of knowledge/chatbot, and 100 document uploads.

Pros and Cons of SupportGuy


· Saves time and resources on customer support.

· Accessible 24/7 inside Slack.

· Quick and easy setup process.


· Pricing may be a barrier for smaller businesses.

· Limited customization options in the lower-tier plans.

In conclusion, SupportGuy is a game-changer for businesses looking to streamline their customer support processes. With its AI-powered assistance, you can resolve queries 10 times faster and provide round-the-clock support to your customers. Try SupportGuy today and revolutionize your customer support experience.

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