SuperWhisper is a revolutionary AI-powered voice-to-text tool designed to transform how we interact with our devices. It offers a powerful dictation system that is efficient and user-friendly, allowing for fast and accurate speech-to-text transcription.


Some of the key features of SuperWhisper include:

· 100% Private & Offline: No internet connection required, ensuring data security

· Multi-language Support: Ability to dictate and translate speech in over 100 languages

· 3x Faster Writing: Fast and accurate transcription for improved productivity

· Customizable AI Model: Tailor the AI to individual needs and preferences

Pros and Cons

While SuperWhisper has received positive reviews, it is currently optimized for Apple Silicon Macs running macOS 12+.

User Feedback

Users have praised SuperWhisper for speeding up the report writing process and its data security features. It has also been recommended for its seamless integration with macOS and efficient email dictation.


SuperWhisper offers a free version with basic features, and a Pro plan with additional features, fast, pro, and ultra AI models, support for over 100 languages, and literal punctuation control. Subscription options include monthly, annual, or lifetime plans.


SuperWhisper is an essential tool for professionals looking to enhance productivity and streamline tasks. Its advanced features and customization options make it ideal for anyone seeking a more efficient way to interact with their devices.

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