Enhancing Your Writing with the SuggestCat Plug-In

If you find yourself regularly working with web text editors, you know the importance of a good writing support tool. SuggestCat is a plug-in that's changing the game for writers and editors by providing a suite of features designed to polish and enhance your writing. Developed by Emergence-Engineering, a prominent software development company based in the EU, this tool is all about making your writing process smoother and more efficient.

Key Features of SuggestCat:
  • Grammar Corrections: Wave goodbye to those sneaky typos and grammatical mishaps. SuggestCat underlines issues with a green highlight, allowing you to see and apply suggested corrections with just a click.

  • AI Suggestions: Need some inspiration or a different way to phrase something? The plugin offers AI-powered suggestions to transform and improve your text.

  • Translations: Breaking language barriers is easier than ever. SuggestCat can provide translations for selected text, making your content accessible to a wider audience.

  • Text Tone Analysis: Soon to be added is a feature that will analyze the tone of your text, ensuring that your writing matches the desired sentiment.

To experience these features in action, you can try SuggestCat with editors like ProseMirror. This demonstrates how the tool seamlessly integrates to assist you while typing, without interrupting the flow of your work.

Getting started with SuggestCat is a breeze. Simply include the plug-in in your supported text editor and it takes care of everything else. This allows you to focus on what really matters – creating great content.

Supported Editors:

The plug-in currently works wonders with:

  • ProseMirror
  • TipTap

Keep an eye out for more integrations, which are on the horizon, promising to make this tool even more versatile.

Getting Help and Community Support:

Emergence-Engineering doesn't just stop at providing a fantastic tool; they also offer stellar support. If you have questions or need assistance, reaching out is easy:

  • Shoot them an email at
  • Join the conversation on their Discord server
The Pros and Cons of Using SuggestCat:


  • Enhances writing quality with grammar and style corrections
  • AI-powered suggestions give a fresh perspective on writing
  • Translations make content more accessible
  • Tone analysis feature will help maintain the proper feel of your text
  • Easy to install and use with current text editors


  • Currently, limited to only a few text editors (although more are promised to be included soon)
  • Tone analysis feature is still in development and not yet available

This tool has been curated by the brightest minds at Emergence-Engineering, including Aaron – pointed out to be their smartest developer. His contributions, alongside the team's collective efforts, have resulted in a plug-in that addresses real writing challenges faced by many.

In the digital age, where writing is critical across various platforms and professions, SuggestCat is a valuable companion, ensuring that your words make the right impact. Whether you're a professional writer, editor, or anyone who works with text online, consider giving SuggestCat a try and see how it can improve your writing process.

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