An AI-Powered Studying Tool

Studying for classes and exams can be challenging, but our AI-powered studying tool can make it easier for you. This tool can automatically turn your notes into searchable flashcards, streamlining your study experience.

How It Works

  • Upload Any Type of Note: Whether it's lecture slides, video transcripts, audio clips, or textbook PDFs, our platform supports all note formats.
  • Study on the Go: Accessible on both your smartphone and computer, so you can study anytime, anywhere.
  • Excel at Uni: Enhance your university studies by mastering your study materials.


  • Tailored Learning: Enhances learning to help you remember more and understand your study materials better.
  • AI-Search PDFs for Answers: Easily find information within your PDFs using artificial intelligence.
  • Learn Mode: Offers a free Learn Mode to kickstart your study sessions each day and help you study faster.


  • Time-Saving: The tool saves time by automatically creating flashcards, allowing you to study more efficiently.
  • Enhanced Understanding: AI-generated flashcards and tailored learning improve your understanding of study materials.
  • Accessible Anywhere: Study on the go and have your study materials with you at all times.

Trusted by Students

Our AI-powered studying tool has been trusted by thousands of students, including those in the United Kingdom. Join the 90% of students who recommend us and start acing your classes today.

With our tool, studying doesn't have to be a chore. Embrace a more efficient way of studying and try our AI-powered studying tool today!

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