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Empower Your Studies with AI Assistance

In the modern educational landscape, keeping up with the volume of study materials can be overwhelming. But what if you could simplify the process using cutting-edge technology? Welcome to the solution that can transform the way you learn: an innovative AI tool designed to enhance your academic journey.

Your New Academic Companion

This remarkable tool takes your homework, textbook, or lecture notes and unlocks the potential of artificial intelligence to support your learning. It doesn't just organize your materials; it also provides a personalized study guide and acts as an AI tutor, offering deeper insights into your coursework.

The Ultimate Study Toolkit

· Seek guidance from the AI tutor for a better understanding of your notes, homework, or textbooks

· Generate a study guide from your assignments to focus on what matters most

And the best part? You can start for free and experience the benefits firsthand.

Features Designed for Success

Personalized Study Strategies

Each student has unique needs, and this tool caters to that individuality. By analyzing your study materials, it constructs AI-powered strategies specifically for you, helping you concentrate on essential concepts and effective study techniques.

Effortless Material Upload

Gone are the days of cumbersome filing. With an intuitive drag-and-drop or file selection interface, adding your homework or test documents is a breeze, paving the way for the AI to commence crafting comprehensive notes.

Comprehensive Study Notes

Dive into detailed study nodes, crafted by AI to encompass all the vital information you need to thrive academically. Let go of the tedium of manual note-taking and immerse yourself in learning and problem-solving instead.

Enhanced Test-Taking Acumen

Boosting your exam confidence is easier than ever. Discover and practice efficient test-taking strategies. This tool doesn't just prepare you for exams; it equips you with insights on time management, tackling tough questions, and adapting to various testing scenarios.

About the Tool’s Creator

Behind this ingenious learning aid is a passionate student developer named Mateusz Romaniuk. Alongside his studies, Mateusz dedicates time to creating applications that assist others in their coding and learning endeavors. If you have a penchant for programming, his other project,, is worth exploring. This application aids in documenting, optimizing, and debugging code, courtesy of AI.

Feel inspired by Mateusz's commitment to enhancing education through technology? Support his work by following him on Twitter or showing appreciation through Buy me a coffee.

Reach Out and Connect

Got questions or feedback? You're welcome to connect with the team at With a dedication to privacy, service, and community, your academic success is their mission.

Proudly created with technologies like OpenAI, Vercel, Supabase, Tailwind CSS, Flask, and Google Cloud, this tool is not just a study aid; it's a leap into the future of learning.

Embrace the power of AI and elevate your studies today.

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