Welcome to the world of tailored study strategies with the introduction of Study Plannr, a cutting-edge tool designed to assist students in maximizing their revision efforts. This smart solution leverages artificial intelligence to offer personalized study plans that consider various elements such as subjects, topics, and upcoming assessments. Let's delve into how Study Plannr can make a difference in your educational routine.

Personalized Study Plans

Creating a study plan that adapts to individual needs is the cornerstone of effective learning. Study Plannr excels in generating custom study schedules that guide users through their revision process with precision. By having a structured approach, students can improve their revision efficiency with confidence.

Support for Self-Regulation

One of the key benefits of a structured study plan is its ability to provide clarity and focus for students, especially children. With clear goals and strategies in place, students can self-regulate their learning process, giving them a sense of direction and accomplishment.

Easy Accessibility

Convenience is key, and Study Plannr understands this by allowing your personalized study plan to be downloaded in PDF format. This means you can easily print it and have a physical copy handy, which can be useful for quick referencing and tracking progress over time.

Target Audience

Who stands to gain from Study Plannr? This tool is immensely beneficial for parents with school-going children, educators, K12 students, and anyone preparing for certification exams. It's a resource that simplifies the creation of study schedules and instills a culture of planning and discipline when it comes to learning.

How It Works

Using Study Plannr is straightforward. The interface welcomes users from various education levels, although currently tailored primarily for primary school learners. The tool accommodates up to four subjects, ten topics, with a revision timeline of one month, catering to the essential needs of most students.

Data and Privacy

Transparency and privacy are important, and users can rest easy knowing that their study plans are not stored on the platform. Once you've created your plan, you're encouraged to download it, as it won't be saved on the system, ensuring your information remains private.

Flexibility and Feedback

Not fully satisfied with the study plan generated? There's no need to worry. You can simply regenerate a new plan as many times as you wish, especially during the initial launch period where there are no restrictions on the number of plans that can be created.

Cost of Service

Currently, Study Plannr is in its beta stage, focusing primarily on user satisfaction, which is why the service is available for free. This gives users the perfect opportunity to try out the tool and integrate it into their study regimen without any financial commitment.

Contact and Support

In case you have any queries or would like to provide feedback, the Study Plannr team is open to hearing from you. You can reach out to them via email at

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