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November 22, 2023
Study Faster •

Notedly, the Ultimate Study Tool

Are you tired of last-minute stress over reading piles of articles and chapters? has got you covered. The ultimate AI sidekick, Notedly, is designed to help you conquer overwhelming academic content, making learning a breeze and freeing you up for the fun stuff. Let's take a closer look at what Notedly brings to the table.

What is Notedly?

With Notedly’s AI tool, you can say goodbye to time-consuming reading stress. Summarize any textbook chapter or news article in a flash, giving you more time for things you enjoy.

Unleash the ultimate study superpower! Crush your readings with ease, reclaiming precious hours each week, all while acing your grades like a pro.

Conquer academic mysteries with ease! Notedly's note-taking unravels complex concepts, translating them into effortlessly understandable language.

Notedly does it all for you - assignments that used to take hours to cover are now done in minutes.

What Users Say

Jacob Perez, 4th year student "Notedly does it all for me—assignments that used to take me two hours to read are now done in fifteen minutes."

Mission to Empower Students

Notedly's mission is to stand up for students. Managing various classes and assignments can be a lot to handle, and we all agree that it’s not fair. This tool is for anyone who's tired of getting inundated with tons of readings, for those who want to complete their assignments quickly and effectively.

How to Get Started

With Notedly, it's straightforward. You only need to submit your assigned readings, and in seconds, Notedly will auto-generate a page of notes for you. You can easily understand papers from JSTOR, write quick reflections on passages, or get the main points from news articles. The best part? You can start using Notedly today with no account necessary for the first summary. Get Notedly to revolutionize the way you study—all in just a few clicks.

Are you ready to empower your study journey? Give Notedly a try today and watch your academic life transform!

Pros and Cons


  • Saves valuable time as compared to traditional reading
  • Simplifies complex academic content
  • Provides instant notes and summaries for ease of understanding


  • May lead to dependency on quick summaries without deep understanding
  • Users might miss out on details present in the original text

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