Discover the Simplicity of AI Development with Sttabot

In an age where natural language processing (NLP) is revolutionizing the way we interact with technology, Sttabot emerges as a cloud-based platform designed to streamline the AI development process. Catering to developers and businesses alike, Sttabot simplifies the creation of NLP-backed applications by leveraging no-code and low-code solutions.

At the heart of Sttabot's offering is the commitment to ease and efficiency, providing a suite of tools that can notably reduce development time by up to 60%. Whether you're a team of ten or ten thousand, the platform stands as a popular choice amongst global teams dedicated to AI innovation.

Sttabot's platform breathes life into over 2.2 million conversations, powering 15,000+ active applications across various industries and has earned the trust of top-tier organizations around the world.

A Suite of AI Tools at Your Fingertips


AI Apps: Create local or cloud-hosted AI applications effortlessly with Sttabot's intuitive infrastructure.


AI Chat Bots: Deploy complex AI chatbots to streamline your customer support and sales processes.


Training & Annotation: Annotate and build your datasets from the ground up or utilize Sttabot's pre-trained templates for a head start.


LLM Models: Implement custom large language models to develop an unlimited array of AI apps tailored to your needs.

The latest innovation from Sttabot comes in the form of the Sttabot SDK & API, which has recently entered its beta phase. This new addition promises to turbocharge the scalability of AI applications with a user-friendly SDK and access to an extensive public API, enabling developers to craft large language model solutions with unprecedented speed.

Automate With Ease

Automation stands at the core of Sttabot's mission – offering straightforward tools to automate everyday tasks:


Customer Support & Service: An AI-driven chatbot from Sttabot can transform how your enterprise handles customer queries, integrating seamlessly with emails, apps, and websites.


Sales And Recommendation: Increase return on investment by integrating an AI-powered bot to recommend products and services directly on your sales pages.


Developing New AI Product: Unleash the potential for innovation by building novel AI products from scratch on a platform designed for endless possibilities.

A Community of Trust and Innovation

The community's feedback propels Sttabot forwards. The team continually introduces new features to enhance the user experience, such as Code Blocks and Better Prompt – tools designed for crafting advanced AI prompts with ease. These innovations keep the platform at the cutting edge of AI development.

Begin Your AI Journey Today

Embarking on your AI development journey with Sttabot won't cost a dime to start. The platform's free-tier option allows you to explore the possibilities and begin building your AI applications without financial commitment.

Explore the uncomplicated world of no-code NLP infrastructure with Sttabot, designed to democratize AI development and make it accessible for everyone. For further information on their offerings, please visit the Sttabot website and consider their enterprise plan and the exciting upcoming features such as GUI-enabled SDK and dataset annotation for a more robust experience in AI app development.

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