Discover Strut: The AI Workspace Tailored for Writers

In the realms of writing and content creation, there's a rising star that's been making rounds for its innovative approach to the writing process—Strut. Strut is a one-stop AI workspace tailored to serve the needs of writers of all kinds. Whether it’s for individual creators or collaborative teams, Strut is designed to streamline the once-tumultuous journey from ideation to publication.

A Neat Solution for the Writing Process

Writers know the struggle of dealing with scattered notes, drafts, and outlines. Strut steps in to declutter and organize these essential elements of the writing process. It offers an easy-to-use drag and drop system that allows creators to quickly capture and order their content in flexible and cooperative workspaces.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Understanding that no two writers work alike, Strut provides pre-made stages for common workflows but also allows for full customization. This way, writers can tailor their workspace to fit their unique creative process.

Teamwork Made Easy

With features enabling real-time collaboration, Strut ensures that every team member stays in the loop. It offers both grid and list views of documents, providing visual versatility to match personal preferences.

Intelligent AI Designed for Writers

What sets Strut apart is its writer-designed AI—tools created specifically for the art of writing. Unlike generic AI content generators, Strut maintains quality and originality. It presents the feature of inline editing within documents for instant revisions, grammar checks, and more. Furthermore, the mention docs function allows for precise and powerful communication with AI in the chat.

Bypass Complicated Prompts

With a simple CMD+K command, Strut users can unlock powerful AI workflows without learning complicated prompts. This function is great for brainstorming, generating outlines, reviewing content, and re-purposing old content into fresh, new drafts.

Brand Voice Synchronization

Maintaining a consistent brand voice across multiple channels and clients is crucial. Strut makes this easy by allowing users to upload reference content and ensure that every piece of writing instantly aligns with the desired brand voice. Whether it's for a marketing campaign or social media posts, staying on-brand has never been more straightforward.

Your Data and Privacy

A common concern among users of AI applications involves privacy and data usage. Strut addresses this by guaranteeing that user data is never used to train their AI models. As for the AI's processing power, it uses the latest from OpenAI's lineup—currently GPT-4.

Embrace The Future of Writing

Strut promises to be a transformative tool for writers, offering a sophisticated, yet user-friendly suite of features to enhance the writing process from start to finish. Whether it's about bringing clarity to your ideas, refining drafts, or ensuring your content resonates with your audience, Strut is

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