Discover STORYD – The Ultimate Tool for Crafting Compelling Presentations

In the competitive world of business, it's crucial to communicate ideas in a way that captures attention and conveys messages with clarity. Enter STORYD, the innovative tool designed to aid professionals in creating engaging and professional presentations effortlessly.

Unveiling the Magic of STORYD

STORYD is revolutionizing the way presentations are made by applying artificial intelligence to the age-old art of storytelling. This breakthrough platform offers users the ability to quickly design high-end business presentations that grab and hold the attention of leaders and decision-makers.

Simplicity and Speed in Presentation Creation

With STORYD, assembling a stunning business presentation is a streamlined three-step process:

  • Identify Your Topic: Kick things off by simply writing a few sentences about what your presentation should cover.
  • Pick Your Structure: Choose from established communication frameworks that suit your business needs.
  • Professional Slides: Within 60 seconds, STORYD furnishes you with a polished and professional deck tailored to your topic.
Storytelling Made Effortless

Storytelling in business is essential but challenging. STORYD effortlessly guides you through avoiding common pitfalls like overloading with information or unclear messaging, ensuring your presentation resonates with your audience and facilitates decision-making.

Elevate Your Creative Potential

Don't let writer's block halt your progress. With STORYD's AI Ideas Generator, you can:

  • Refine your storyline with features like rephrase, brainstorm, and various length adjustments.
  • Collaborate effortlessly with live, real-time editing alongside colleagues.
  • Enrich presentations with a mix of media – using text, lists, images, charts, and numbers.
  • Explore different storytelling angles generated by the AI for a fresh perspective.
Customized Presentations That Resonate with Your Brand

STORYD also offers tailored design solutions to align with your brand identity:

  • Preview slides visually and select themes, fonts, and colors that reflect your brand.
  • Upload an existing deck for STORYD to sync with your organizational aesthetics.
  • Set up design preferences, including logos, footers, and page numbers.
  • Choose from numerous layout options, each crafted for enhanced data storytelling.
Jumpstart Your Presentations

Pressed for time? STORYD has your back with:

  • A library of pre-written business storytelling templates.
  • Options to browse by industry or department for relevant content.
  • The ability to copy, customize, and modify presentations to fit your unique context.
Flexible Plans for Every Need

Whether you're testing the waters or looking for the full suite of features, STORYD offers a range of plans:

  • Free Plan: A great starting point with 5 credits for creating or rewriting presentations, personalized content with AI, and access to professional templates and browser presentation options.

  • Pro Plan ($18/month): Unlock enhanced features such as unlimited credits, priority access, and advanced collaboration tools for teams.

  • Automate Plan ($100/month): Geared towards companies and developers seeking advanced solutions, offering the full capabilities of STORYD.

For further details on planning and pricing, you can visit STORYD’s official website.


STORYD stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of presentation design, offering an unmatched blend of simplicity, customization, and efficiency. By harnessing the power of AI, STORYD empowers business professionals to craft compelling narratives that drive action and decision-making.

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