Discover Your Family History with Storied

Embarking on a journey through your family’s past can be both fascinating and enriching. Storied is a tool designed to guide you through this adventure, allowing you to weave a tapestry of your lineage with historical records and personal narratives.

Build Your Family Tree with Ease

If you're beginning your family history journey, Storied offers a straightforward way to start your family tree from the ground up. Additionally, if you've already started your genealogical research elsewhere, you can easily upload your existing family tree. The platform offers helpful search tools and clues to expand your tree, connecting you to a wealth of historical records. To know more about starting your family tree, visit Storied.

More Than Just Traditional Family Ties

Life is made up of more than just blood relations, and Storied recognizes this by allowing the inclusion of non-familial relationships. Whether it's an influential mentor, a lifelong friend, or an adopted family member, Storied gives you the flexibility to add anyone who holds significance in your life story.

Share Memories with Family and Friends

Family histories are treasures meant to be shared. On Storied, you can create private groups with relatives and friends to exchange photos, recollections, and familial lore in a secure environment. It’s a collaborative experience that brings everyone closer together, one story at a time.

A Cost-Effective Approach to Genealogy

Many genealogy platforms can be cost-prohibitive, but Storied presents an affordable solution. Starting for free, you can delve into billions of records and newspapers for less than what you'd typically pay for a cup of coffee. For detailed plans and pricing, visit Storied.

Dive Into Historical Records and Newspapers

Historical documents serve as the foundation for piecing together your ancestry. Storied provides access to various record types, such as census data, marriage certificates, military service records, and immigration papers. Newspapers rich in details from 1607 onwards offer additional context to your ancestors' lives, including obituaries, announcements, and everyday stories.

The Storied Difference

What sets Storied apart is its dedication to transforming genealogy into a narrative-rich experience. Instead of focusing solely on names and dates, Storied encourages the sharing of anecdotes and recollections. Here’s what makes Storied unique:

· Superior Value: Obtain high-quality books without the steep prices found elsewhere.

· Rich Personalization: Tailor the design and layout to truly reflect your family’s story.

· All-in-One Platform: Research, write, collaborate, and print directly within Storied.

· Exclusive Access: Incorporate unique historical records into your family’s narratives.

· Easy to Use: The platform’s attractive design and intuitive tools make it both simple and enjoyable to discover your heritage.


Storied aims to make history come alive by integrating captivating stories with factual history. This approach to family history is not only cost-effective but also enriches the experience by emphasizing personal connections and memories. Storied helps you create a living document of your family’s journey, one that can be cherished and shared for generations to come.

For anyone who believes that history can sometimes seem lackluster, Storied offers a refreshing perspective by showing that when personal anecdotes are added, history becomes a vibrant and compelling narrative. If you're looking to explore the roots and relationships that define your family's past, Storied might just be the tool you need.

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