Solutions xCloudxTuringCareersAboutSolutions xCloudxTuringCareersAboutPersonalized AI for EnterprisesEnterprise-ready AI system that trains locally on your data, deploys on your cloud, and scales to millions of users without an engineering teamSchedule a demoStochastic by the Numbers10xCheaper than GPT47xFaster than GPT430xCost saving on average3xLatency reductionOur InvestorsStochastic is funded by Harvard Innovation Lab’s Allston Venture Fund, and VCs such as Sequoia Capital, Index Ventures and RDV (GC). Stochastic is a 2023 Harvard President’s Innovation Challenge award winner.xChatBuild, customize and deploy your own AI chat systems on either desktop or mobilexChat BenefitsUnique AI for Each UserControl which data is accessible to each user and personalize the deliveryContinuous ImprovementUser feedback improves AI using Reinforced Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF)Multi-modal SearchEnrich your answers with images by searching over both text and image resultsMulti-lingualCommunicate with AI in any language you're comfortable withSchedule a demoBenefits of Stochastic over Generalized LLMStochastic AIGeneralized AI (e.g. GPT)Knowledge ManagementAI is equipped with your proprietary enterprise knowledgeLacks proprietary data stored in private cloudsSecurity & ComplianceAll interactions are contained within the security of your private cloudAny information submitted can be made available to publicCustomization & Fine-tuningYou decide how to customize your model to suit your needsCustomization of models is impossible or limitedCloud DeploymentDeployed and optimized for efficiency on compute resources of your choiceNo control over where it is deployed and cloud costsxCloudBuild and deploy LLMs on any number of GPUsHW Efficient Fine-tuningChoose when the models are retrained to suit your business needsModel CompressionBased on the application requirements, scale model sizes to achieve the best balance of quality, latency, and costInference OptimizationOptimized inference stack to guarantee maximal throughput and minimal latency and costEnterprise SecurityYour data is protected on a private cloud. Only authorized personnel can access your data and your AILearn more about xCloudResearch by StochasticWe research generative models and computing to enable hyper-personalization of AI2023/7/16Balancing Accuracy and Latency in Natural Language ModelsRead more ›2023/6/13Memory-efficient Fine-Tuning Methods for Large Language ModelsRead more ›2023/6/13Processing Sparse or Noisy Data Using Markov Chain Machine LearningsRead more ›News & AnnouncementsLearn About the Latest in AI Product and Technology AdvancesOctober 11, 2023Harvard Grid Chatbot - unparalleled accuracy by Stochastic xChatAre you tired of inaccurate and incomplete answers from supposedly automated chatbots? At Stochastic, we understand the importance of efficient and precise customer support, which is why we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new customer-facing chatbot on Harvard Grid, powered by Stochastic xChat!Read more ›September 29, 2023Launch of xCloud: Your Cloud for Generative AIxCloud is a cloud-native platform designed for experimentation, fine-tuning, and deployment of Large Language Models (LLMs) providing accelerated performance and resource optimization, all while maintaining exceptional quality and ease of use.Read more ›May 3, 2023xFinance: How to outperform BloombergGPT without breaking the bankD

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