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Spot a Bot

November 22, 2023
Spot a Bot

Spot A Bot: Your AI-Powered Twitter Bot Analyzer

Spot A Bot is an innovative AI-powered tool that estimates the number of bot accounts on Twitter by analyzing current trends. It provides insight into the authenticity of discussions on the platform.

How It Works Spot A Bot uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze the content, frequency, and patterns of tweets related to specific topics in order to estimate the percentage of bot accounts involved.

Check Today's Trends Visit our website to see the current trends and get an estimate of the bot percentage based on the data from the latest trends.

Look for Past Trends You can also look back at past trends to see how bot activity has evolved over time, providing valuable insights into the changing landscape of bot involvement on Twitter.

Choose a Trend From UK, USA, or Germany Spot A Bot provides estimates for bot activity related to trending topics in the UK, USA, or Germany.

Pros and Cons Pros:

  • Easy access to bot estimation
  • Historical trend data available
  • Multi-region trend analysis


  • Unavailable daily trend analyses due to Twitter's API policy change

Follow us on Twitter Stay connected with Spot A Bot by following us on Twitter for updates and insights.

Spot A Bot offers a better understanding of Twitter trends and the potential influence of bot accounts in discussions.

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