An Overview of the Innovative AI-powered Tool

In the digital landscape, tools that simplify tasks and enhance productivity are indispensable. Among such tools, a prime example is an innovative AI-powered tool designed to streamline your workflow and interactions online.

This tool comes with various cookies to ensure that your experience on the website is both efficient and personalized. Cookies are small pieces of data that websites store on your device to remember your preferences and actions over time. Let's take a closer look at how this tool ensures smooth navigation and functionality through its use of cookies.

Essential Features

The cookies deemed as "Necessary" are fundamental for the website to operate correctly. They enable the core functions such as page navigation, setting your language preferences, and ensuring secure access to the website's areas that require user authentication. Without these cookies, the tool wouldn't be able to provide you with the seamless experience it's known for.

To learn more about the specific cookies in use and their purposes, let's discuss them in detail:


CookieyesID: this cookie serves as a unique identifier based on user consent, with a lifespan of one year.


Cky-consent: this cookie, with a one-year life, records the consent settings chosen by you, ensuring the site remembers your preferences on subsequent visits.


Cookieyes-necessary, cookieyes-functional, cookieyes-analytics, cookieyes-performance, cookieyes-advertisement, cookieyes-other: each cookie, persisting for a year, remembers your consent regarding the usage of cookies in their respective categories, enabling tailored functionality and content.


Cky-action: tracks the actions you take, ensuring a more intuitive interaction with the tool over the course of a year.

Cloudflare, a web performance and security company, also provides cookies like _cfruid, which identifies trusted web traffic during your session, while referreruser_id, staying 14 days, helps in recognizing the user.

Enhances User Experience

Functional cookies present in this tool are there to offer certain usability enhancements. One such cookie is _cfbm from Cloudflare, which supports managing bots effectively and lasts for a duration of 29 minutes. The ability to share website content on social media platforms, accumulate user feedback, and other third-party features rely on these functional cookies.

Privacy and Preferences

As a user, you have the full right to adjust your cookie preferences. You can accept all cookies for the best and most personalized experience, or you can select which cookies you’d like to enable. If you need to revise your consent choices at a later time, options are readily available for updating your preferences.


The AI-powered tool described here is clearly focused on optimizing the user experience while respecting privacy and consent preferences. The strategic use of cookies enhances your interaction with the tool, making it more intuitive and responsive to your needs. By managing your

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