Spline AI

Welcome to Spline AI ALPHA

With the evolution of technology, the boundaries of creation keep extending. The latest leap comes in the form of Spline AI ALPHA, a tool that brings the power of artificial intelligence to 3D design. This tool is not just about building 3D models; it's about reshaping the creative process.

Create with Ease

Imagine being able to conjure up 3D objects and scenes just by describing them. Spline AI allows you to do just that—simply type in what you envision, and watch as your idea forms in front of you. Picture a grid of cubes materializing effortlessly as you type the command. It's design collaboration with a futuristic twist.

Edit with Intuition

Customization is key in design, and Spline AI ALPHA understands that. Once your base object is created, you can start refining. Apply different materials, tweak the lighting, or even randomize elements to add a unique flair. Each edit helps you step closer to delivering that perfect visual concept.

Brainstorm in Real-Time

The platform promotes teamwork, offering an environment where colleagues can jump in and contribute to the evolving design. Real-time updates mean brainstorming sessions get a whole new angle—you experiment, and the design evolves immediately, allowing for a truly collaborative creative process.

Style with AI Textures

Textures add depth and realism, and Spline AI's texture generator is a game changer. By simply entering a text prompt, you can create a vast array of textures: from a serene water surface to rustic bricks or sleek concrete. The AI interprets your words and translates them into stunning, seamless textures.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why is there a waitlist? Spline AI is currently being refined, and the waitlist ensures that users get the best experience once it's ready for broader use.
  • When will I get off the waitlist? Access is granted progressively to ensure stability and user satisfaction.
  • How much do the AI features cost? As the tool is in an early preview phase, the cost details are yet to be disclosed.
  • How will Spline AI use my data? The privacy policy and terms and conditions give clear guidelines on data usage.
  • What are the limitations? As with any developing technology, certain features may be limited, but with user feedback, these are continually improved upon.
  • Further questions: The Spline team can be reached at hello@spline.design, help@spline.design, or jobs@spline.design for more inquiries.
Join the Waitlist

To be among the first to experience Spline AI, you can join the waitlist. It's not just about trying a new tool—it's about contributing to the evolution of 3D design.

Learn and Connect
  • Explore Tutorials: Get started with guides and tips.
  • Join the Community: Connect with other creators and the Spline team.
  • Peruse the Docs: For developers interested in the technical side, the API and documentation are available.

The Spline AI ALPHA has opened a portal to creative possibilities. It’s more than just design; it’s about making your imagination tangible in ways you've never experienced before.

For more information, you can visit the main site at Spline.design.

Pros and Cons of Spline AI


  • Accelerates the design process
  • Simplifies the creation of 3D models
  • Enhances collaboration in real-time
  • AI-generated textures cut down manual effort


  • Currently available through a waitlist, hence not immediate access
  • Pricing details are not clear at this early stage
  • Limited features may be present during the preview phase

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