Splash Pro

In the world of music production, technology is constantly evolving, allowing creators to push the boundaries of what's possible. One such advancement is Splash Pro Gen-2, a cutting-edge generative AI tool designed to transform the way music is created.

Splash Pro Gen-2 stands out with its generative model that assists artists in producing high-quality music tracks. The innovation doesn't stop there; the tool also includes a Text-to-Vocals feature. This means you can feed the AI written lyrics, and it will generate custom singing or rap vocals to complement your instrumental. Whether you are looking to produce entire songs or just add a vocal touch to your tracks, Splash Pro Gen-2 offers a versatile solution.

Using Splash Pro Gen-2 is straightforward. Start by entering a text prompt to create your song. You can customize elements like Beats Per Minute (BPM), key, and mode to fit the mood and style you’re aiming for. The AI then takes over, processing your input and crafting a piece of music that aligns with your parameters. If you want to see the AI in action before committing, you can use it for free.

For those who are curious about the inner workings of Splash Pro and how it utilizes AI to generate music, there is plenty of information available to satiate your curiosity. The platform is transparent about how the AI interprets your prompts to compose melodies and rhythms, giving you insight into the intricate process of AI-assisted music production.

When considering Splash Pro Gen-2, it's useful to weigh its advantages and drawbacks:


  • Allows for quick and easy music creation.
  • Enables customization of key musical elements.
  • Provides an innovative Text-to-Vocals feature.
  • Accessible to both novices and professionals.
  • Offers a free trial to test its functionalities.


  • As the AI is still training, it may produce unexpected results, which could be a pro or a con depending on your creative process.
  • Reliance on AI might limit some aspects of human creativity and intuition.
  • The final output may require additional human tweaking to achieve the desired quality.

Splash Pro Gen-2 is a testament to how AI can be a valuable ally in the creative process, and it's an exciting time for musicians, producers, and hobbyists who want to explore new horizons in music production. As AI continues to learn and evolve, tools like Splash Pro Gen-2 will only become more proficient in assisting artists in bringing their visions to life. Whether you're a seasoned music producer or an enthusiast starting your musical journey, Splash Pro Gen-2 presents an opportunity to dive into the future of music making.

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