Discover the Job Application Revolution with Spigot

In our competitive job market, landing your dream job might often feel like an uphill battle. Traditional job search methods can be time-consuming, from scouring job boards to tailoring countless cover letters. Thankfully, a solution that accelerates the process is here: Spigot.

Streamlining Your Job Search

Spigot is an innovative platform designed to expedite your job search by automating the application process. Instead of manually applying to each job on sites like LinkedIn and Indeed, Spigot enables you to secure interviews rapidly—with almost no effort on your part.

Personalized Job Matchmaking

First things first, you tell Spigot about your ideal job. By setting parameters such as desired salary, job title, industry, and company size, Spigot formulates a tailored list of opportunities.

Easy Email Connection

Next, by connecting your Gmail account to Spigot, you empower the service to send up to 50 personalized email applications each day on your behalf.

Resume-Driven AI

Upload your latest resume, and let Spigot's AI get to work. The system will analyze your resume and draft compelling emails to potential employers, demonstrating why you're a perfect fit for their company.

Interviews on Auto-Pilot

Activate your campaign, and Spigot takes the wheel, sending emails to key decision-makers while you wait for the interview offers to flood your inbox.

Application Tracking

Always stay in the know with Spigot's dashboard, where you can track how many applications you've sent out, opened, replies received, and interviews scheduled.

Spigot Guarantee

With a bold 30-day money-back guarantee, trying Spigot comes with zero financial risk. If you're not satisfied within the first 30 days, you receive a full refund, no strings attached.

Customer Success Stories

Users like Luke B, a New Product Lead at Groundfloor, have had remarkable results with Spigot, landing dozens of interviews and multiple job offers in just a month. Likewise, Senior Technical Project Manager Robert G praises Spigot for aligning him with a myriad of opportunities that fit his skill set, to the point where he needed to temporarily pause the incoming tide of interviews.

Potential for Increased Earnings

An expedited job search isn't just about convenience—it's also financially savvy. By securing a job offer months sooner than traditional methods, Spigot users may significantly boost their earnings.


Spigot has redefined job searching, providing a tool that not only saves time but also presents the prospects of higher earnings and more relevant job opportunities. To discover this game-changing platform, embark on your stress-free job hunt with Spigot.

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