Enhancing Language Learning with Speakable

In the realm of language learning, technological advancements have opened doors to innovative methods that facilitate the acquisition of new languages. Speakable is one such avant-garde tool that has been crafted to aid educators in streamlining the language learning process for their students.

Interactive Activities at Your Fingertips

Speakable is equipped with a variety of activity creation options:


Speaking Cards: By using speaking cards, pupils can hone their pronunciation skills, gain confidence, and improve their spoken language competence. Students may be asked to repeat phrases, answer questions, or even partake in full-fledged conversations.


Listening Cards: These cards provide tailor-made audio lessons through text-to-speech or can integrate existing videos and podcasts to reinforce listening competencies.


Writing Cards: With writing cards, learners are encouraged to express their thoughts in writing by responding to given topics or questions.


Reading Cards: These include clear, textual instructions and can be combined with images and hyperlink enhancements to bolster reading comprehension.

Simplified Grading and Feedback Mechanisms

One of the advantages of Speakable is the Automatic grading system, which relieves educators from the tedium of manual grading. Teachers can utilize the Gradebook & Analytics to make informed decisions based on students’ performance. Real-time feedback allows for immediate assessment and instructional guidance.

· ACTFL / WIDA Estimates: The platform includes ACTFL and WIDA estimates to help assess students' progress in their language journey.

Shared Resources and Integration

Speakable boasts a shared curriculum feature where educators can access and utilize activities created within their own institution or from the platform’s Global Library. Furthermore, integration with popular educational tools enhances its functionality:

· Google Images allows for embedding images directly into the activities.

· YouTube integration provides the option to include relevant videos.

· Clever & Google Classroom enable single sign-on and streamline the synchronization of student sections as well as grade passback.

What the Educators Say

The tool has received positive feedback from teachers who praise its ease of use and impact on student engagement. Spanish teacher Terry Silvey appreciates the time-saving features, stating it allows for more focused attention on students that require additional support. Professor Will Fritz comments on the benefits of improved student pronunciation and the attentive customer service Speakable offers. Thomas Donar, also a Spanish teacher, calls Speakable a "game changer" in the field of foreign language teaching.

Easy Setup and Wide Accessibility

Signing up for Speakable is straightforward, with compatibili

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