Space Planner AI

Transform Your Space with Space Planner Ai

Have you ever imagined renovating your space but weren’t sure where to start or how it would look afterward? Space Planner Ai is here to bring your interior design ideas to life without the hassle of moving furniture around or buying items on a whim, hoping they fit in with your decor.

Capturing the Perfect Photo

To begin your design journey, you'll need to provide a clear image of the room you want to transform. Remember to snap the picture at a right angle to a wall or a window to get the full effect. Here are a few tips for the photo:

  • Take the shot horizontally
  • Avoid corners and angles
  • Skip the wide-angle lens as the current version of the AI is not fully optimized for those shots

Images are expected in either PNG or JPG format, and they should not exceed 10MB.

Your Personal Design Studio

Once your room photo is uploaded, you can select from various room types and design styles. The tool includes an array of options to fit your creative vision:

  • Room Types: featuring common spaces like the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, as well as specialized areas such as home offices and gaming rooms. For those looking to upgrade to Pro, there are even more options including outdoor pools, fitness gyms, and coffee shops.

  • Styles: A plethora of design aesthetics are at your fingertips, ranging from modern minimalist to the rustic farmhouse, Zen, and biophilic designs. Special thematic styles like Chinese New Year, Christmas, and Easter are also available to match festive moods or seasons.

Customization Tools

With Space Planner Ai, not only can you select the room and style, but you also get to tweak how much of an overhaul your space undergoes with the Strength setting — from subtle to drastic. And you can choose resolution settings too — a quick low-resolution render or a more detailed high-res image with the Pro version.

Privacy for Your Projects

Worried about privacy? Space Planner Ai offers both public and private render options. The Public setting allows you to share your designs with the community, while the Private setting keeps your images to yourself, available exclusively in the Pro version.

A Glimpse into the Future of Interior Design

Experimenting with the Space Planner Ai can be a fascinating endeavor. Current users have shared designs that showcase a variety of themes and transformations. From a cozy Scandinavian kitchen to a modern, chic coworking space, the results are a testament to the tool's versatility.

Created with care and a heart for design by @syahrinseth, the tool is constantly evolving. It's a promising look into how AI can assist us in visualizing and realizing our ideas with convenience and style.

Considering the Pro Version?

While the standard version offers a decent range of functions, the Pro upgrade unlocks a list of advanced features like high-resolution images, private renders, and a vast array of additional room types and styles. This can be particularly beneficial for interior designers, real estate agents, or anyone who needs detailed and exclusive previews of potential designs.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're a professional looking to present options to a client, a homeowner eager to refurbish a room, or someone who just loves playing with design, Space Planner Ai could be the right tool to spark your creativity and transform your living space. It's a fusion of technology and design finesse at your fingertips. If you're ready to embark on your design journey, why not give Space Planner Ai a whirl and see where your imagination takes you?

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