Introducing SoWork: A Smarter Way for Remote Teams to Work Together

With the growing shift to remote work, finding effective ways to collaborate and create an engaging work environment has been a challenge for many organizations. That's where SoWork comes in. It's your Smart Virtual Office that gives remote teams a shared place to work together seamlessly—just like they would in a traditional office.

SoWork is an AI-powered digital office. It's designed to eradicate the physical barrier and mimic the organic, in-person interactions of an office environment. With SoWork, your remote team can smoothly transition between video meetings, enjoy a more engaging collaborative experience, and leverage data, AI, and integrations to boost productivity.

1. Fluid Video: Seamlessly connect with teammates through video and enjoy high definition meetings for a more lifelike interaction.

2. Smarter Meetings: AI assists by providing meeting summaries, action items, and storing decisions made. You can focus on the nitty-gritty knowing the details are handled.

3. MapMaker Customization: Express your team's culture digitally by representing your office the way you want it. Whether using templates or personalizing the details yourself, you can curate a space that reflects your team.

Pros of SoWork:

· Foster collaboration amongst remote teams

· Use AI for smarter meeting notes and summaries

· Customizable office space to match the company's culture

· Seamlessly move between video meetings


· Internet-dependent, as with any video-conferencing tool

· Initial learning curve for teams new to AI tools

In a world where remote work is increasingly becoming the norm, tools like SoWork are transforming the way teams collaborate. Whether you're part of an engineering team, sales and marketing team, or product and design team, SoWork brings back the feeling of working together in a shared space, leading to better work done faster. It's your remote team's unique opportunity to create a digital office that feels just like home.

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