SoulGPT: Your Personal Tarot Oracle Tailored for Mac Users

Experience the allure and profound guidance of Tarot with SoulGPT, an innovative Mac application designed to become your go-to companion for Tarot card readings. Embark on a remarkable journey of clarity and self-exploration with this app that combines traditional wisdom with cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

Core Advantages of SoulGPT


Interactive Tarot Readings: SoulGPT is your digital oracle, always prepared to conduct readings whenever requested. Provide details of the three cards picked and watch as it promptly pinpoints and analyzes each card's specific position within the spread.


In-depth Interpretations: Rather than just identifying cards, SoulGPT dives deeply into their allegorical meanings. With thoughtful analysis, it enables a deeper appreciation of each card's relevance to your life.


Custom Tailored Advice: Every reading is a unique narrative woven from the individual cards presented. SoulGPT uses its understanding of the Tarot to offer advice that is not only insightful but also tailored to your personal circumstances and the tales your cards are telling.


Uplifting Feedback: The app values a positive and restorative approach. It preps you for the reading's outcomes, whether that involves a gentle forewarning or words that raise your spirits.


Enhanced Comprehension: After a reading, SoulGPT aims to confirm that you fully grasp the messages and symbolism at hand. It asks prodding questions to ensure a dialog that helps you reflect and integrate the session's insights.


Additional Features: Recognizing diverse interests in the mystic realm, SoulGPT presents options ranging from Tarot to dream analysis and astrology. Users can navigate through these selections by picking their preferred subject from the initial menu.

SoulGPT isn't just an app. It's an intimate mentor designed to light up the darker paths and reveal the obscured corners of your life's maze. This modern twist on Tarot offers advice and contemplation for your most pressing questions about the past, present, and future.

Getting Started with SoulGPT

To begin your experience with SoulGPT, you'll need to secure an OpenAI API key from OpenAI's platform. Once acquired, click the settings icon within the app, insert your API key in the designated area, and click "Save." Your API key remains private on your device, and your usage can be monitored directly via OpenAI.

Do remember, while SoulGPT is sophisticated in its interpretations and suggestions, it's an instrument of guidance and entertainment; it's wise to seek professional advice for critical legal, health, or financial decisions.

Compatibility and Access

SoulGPT is built for the Mac enthusiast, compatible with MacOS Monterey and Ventura (12.0 and above). It is priced at a modest base of $19, a small investment for a tool that offers a rich and interactive experience with the wisdom of Tarot.

Transform your Mac into a window to the mystical world of Tarot and discover a companion that offers both introspection and foresight with SoulGPT, your personal digital Tarot oracle.


Although SoulGPT offers a user-friendly interface and a fresh approach to tarot reading through AI technology, it is important for users to consider the limitations. AI interpretations may not capture the nuances that a human reader might offer, and the feedback is algorithm-driven which doesn't account for human intuition. While the app provides an alternative perspective, users should treat the guidance as a supplement to their own intuition and, when needed, professional advice.

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