Discover the Future of Call Training with Solidroad

In the competitive world of sales and customer service, being on top of your game during every call can make a significant difference. Solidroad is paving the way for non-native speakers and sales reps to sharpen their skills and optimize their performance during customer conversations.

Practice Like a Pro

Solidroad has been likened to a flight simulator but for customer conversations. It's designed to empower individuals—allowing them to practice at their pace, refine their conversational approach, and receive tailored feedback, all without the pressure of a live call. This innovative approach ensures your revenue team can walk into every interaction with confidence and poise, making them more effective and prepared.

AI Role Play Mastery

With Solidroad, you're not just practicing; you're engaging with an AI-driven conversational training tool that's trusted by professionals seeking to master role play. Whether your focus is support, success, or sales training, Solidroad's AI can be transformative.

  • Improve Call Skills: Use AI to role play and refine your team's skills.
  • Gain Confidence: Practice makes perfect. Identify strengths and weaknesses, and get real-time feedback to improve before real-world applications.
  • Save Time & Money: Replace manual practice sessions and costly coaching with our convenient, always-available AI tool.

Valuable Insights for Continuous Improvement

Hand in hand with role-play is the necessity for insight and feedback to foster improvement. Solidroad provides this, allowing managers to review role-plays and find coaching opportunities. With detailed reporting tools, you can quickly see which team members might need more attention in specific areas.

Tailored Plans for Diverse Needs

Solidroad's versatility is evident in its range of plans designed for different team sizes and needs:

  • Personal: For individual reps aiming to uplift their performance, this plan offers a personal workspace, a custom roleplay builder, basic AI feedback, and email support.
  • Team: This plan caters to startups, SMBs, and mid-market companies, supporting up to 50 users, multiple admins, advanced AI feedback, enhanced team reporting, and live chat support.
  • Enterprise: Large companies and BPOs can benefit from this plan with CRM integrations, multilingual training, Single Sign-On (SSO), and dedicated support.

Success Stories

Users have praised Solidroad for its effectiveness. As Matthew Brennan, GTM Lead at Kota expresses:

"Solidroad's role play tool has been a massive help for me & the team I manage. It allows us to prep for important calls, constantly improve our pitch to prospects & onboard new teammates faster in a risk-free environment."

Why Choose Solidroad?

Opting for Solidroad enables a risk-free and immersive environment for your team to grow. Repetition breeds mastery, and with the convenience of AI, team members can practice on-demand—without the need to coordinate schedules. Additionally, the comprehensive feedback provides valuable insights that traditional training methods may miss.

Final Thoughts

The landscape of customer interactions is ever-changing, and providing your team with the tools to adapt and excel is crucial. Solidroad offers a cutting-edge solution that can be the difference-maker in call performance. Ready to elevate your team's capacity? Talk to the Solidroad sales team and begin transforming your approach with AI-driven conversational training today.

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