Do you find it hard to keep track of all the discussions and important points during online meetings? Solidly's AI-powered notetaking tool is designed to make your life easier. This tool can help you stay organized and on top of all your meetings.

The Advantages of Solidly's AI Notetaking Tool

Here are some of the key benefits of using Solidly's AI notetaker:

  • Effortless Organization: With one click, you can receive beautifully written meeting summaries in your inbox, saving you time and effort in taking detailed notes.
  • Works Across All Platforms: Whether you're using Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Discord, or other meeting platforms, Solidly's AI notetaker has got you covered.
  • Instant Notes: Simply press "Record" on the desktop application to activate the AI notetaker, and once the meeting is over, your AI-written notes will be automatically delivered to your inbox.
  • AI Q&A: Solidly's AI can answer any questions you have by reviewing the notes and transcripts of every meeting it has been a part of, making it easy to find information at your fingertips.


Solidly's AI notetaker seamlessly integrates with all your favorite meeting platforms, making it a versatile tool that works wherever you do. It integrates with Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Discord, and even offers Q&A functionality for interactive sessions.

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If you're interested in learning more about Solidly's AI notetaking tool, you can join the waitlist or contact the Solidly team for more information. Stay organized and on top of your meetings with the help of AI technology!

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