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In today's world, staying informed is essential, but with the abundance of information out there, it can be challenging managing the time to keep up with current events. Fortunately, SocialBob News has arrived to help you stay in the loop without compromising your busy schedule. This handy tool offers concise and relevant news summaries so you can grasp the latest happenings in just two minutes a day.

A Personalized News Experience

SocialBob News uses advanced artificial intelligence to curate top stories from a diverse range of over 50 topics. Each summary is crafted to be unbiased and easy to digest, containing no more than 40 words. This spares users thousands of minutes, making it a dream tool for those looking to stay informed on the go.

Community Feedback

Many users have already expressed their appreciation, with comments on platforms like ProductHunt and Twitter, highlighting the convenience and value of having relevant news easily accessible through SocialBob News.

What SocialBob News Offers

  • Quick News Digest: Every day, get straight-to-the-point summaries of the latest news.
  • Wide Range of Topics: Customize your feed by selecting from an array of 50+ categories that align with your interests.
  • News on the Go: Receive daily news updates on both Twitter and Telegram to catch up with current events anytime, anywhere.

The Brain Behind SocialBob News

Praveen Kumar S, an independent developer with a passion for creating unique digital products, is the mind behind SocialBob News. Praveen's journey began eight years ago with the development of TheReader app, an RSS-based news aggregator. Over time, as the digital landscape has grown, so has the need for a more sophisticated tool. This is where SocialBob News steps in, marking the evolution of TheReader, enhanced with AI to better match news with individual preferences.

Why Choose SocialBob News?

The goal of SocialBob News is straightforward: to minimize the time spent by individuals on reading news while maximizing the relevance of the content they consume. It's designed to keep users well-informed and protect them from the pitfalls of endless scrolling through less significant stories.

Get News Updates on the Fly

For users out and about, SocialBob News ensures you won't skip a beat. By following SocialBob News on Twitter and joining the Telegram broadcast, you'll receive notifications and daily summaries that keep you connected to the world's pulse.


SocialBob News is an invaluable tool for those looking to streamline their news-reading experience. It's for the person who values time and desires a custom feed of news that cuts through the clutter to deliver only what's truly important. With its AI-driven summaries and wide range of topics, SocialBob News stands out as a practical solution for informed living in our fast-paced society. For regular updates and insights into this evolving tool, you can follow Praveen's journey on Twitter.

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