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November 22, 2023

Creating Readable Notes from Slides

Do you often find yourself wishing you could have easy-to-read notes from your presentations? No matter if you're a student or professional, making sense of slide decks after the fact can be a challenging task. But our new AI-powered tool is here to transform your slides into crisp, readable notes, all at the click of a button.

Your New Note-Taking Companion

  • Effortless Conversion: Simply upload your .pttx or .pdf file, and our tool will immediately process your slides into clear, easily reviewable notes.
  • Share and Collaborate: Once you have your notes, sharing them is a breeze. Send them to colleagues, classmates, or friends with minimal effort.

How It Works

Our powerful tool uses advanced AI algorithms to extract the most critical information from your slides, organizing it into an easy-to-digest format. Think of it as your personal note-taker.


  • Saves Time: No more tedious note-taking from your slides; let the AI do the work for you.
  • Clarity: The generated notes are clean and easy to read, making them perfect for sharing and reviewing at a glance.


  • Conversion Accuracy: While the tool is advanced, it may not always capture every detail in the slides with 100% accuracy.
  • File Compatibility: The tool requires .pttx or .pdf files, so presentations in other formats need to be converted.

The AI-powered note-taking tool can do the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on understanding and retaining the content. Simplify your workflow and make note-taking a breeze.

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