Discover the Convenience of Custom Audio News with Juice Box

In today's fast-paced world, keeping up with the news can be overwhelming. With so much information available, it's challenging to filter through it all to find what truly interests you. However, there's an innovative solution that allows you to curate your daily news effortlessly: the Juice Box by SlayerAI.

Getting Started

Setting up your personalized Juice Box is incredibly simple:

· Name it: Give your news digest a unique name.

· Schedule it: Decide when you would like to receive your news digest.

· Choose your host: Select the voice that will be delivering your news.

Customize Your Content

What makes Juice Box genuinely special is the ability to tailor your news experience to your preferences:

· Select your sources: Whether you're into the latest weather updates, eager to know what's happening in the stock market, or keen on other topics, you can choose exactly what you want to hear.

· Sit back and listen: Once you've set up your preferences, Juice Box takes care of the rest. You'll receive your personalized news digest via email, right on schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Slayer AI? It's the innovative technology behind Juice Box that curates and delivers your custom audio news.


How can I get help? Assistance is available to ensure your experience with Juice Box is smooth and enjoyable.


Are there any limitations on the usage of Slayer AI? As Slayer AI is in its Beta phase, there may be certain limitations, but it's a valuable opportunity to try this cutting-edge technology and provide feedback for improvements.

Start Creating Your Juice Box Today

Slayer AI is currently inviting users to try the Juice Box during its Beta phase. It's an excellent chance to experience the future of news consumption and have a hand in shaping the development of a revolutionary tool.

Connect with Juice Box on Twitter for the latest updates and information. Your feedback is valuable to enhance the platform further.

Take the first step towards an effortless and customized news experience with Juice Box by SlayerAI. Visit the SlayerAI website to start creating your own Juice Box.

Pros of Using Juice Box:

· Personalized news based on your interests

· Saves time by filtering and delivering relevant content

· Easy and quick setup with a user-friendly interface

· Regular updates right to your mailbox

Cons of Using Juice Box:

· Being in Beta, there might be occasional glitches or limited features

· Your choice of sources might be limited at the start

· As it relies on email delivery, any disruption in email service may delay your news digest

Regardless of a few potential drawbacks, Juice Box by SlayerAI presents an exciting venture into tailoring your news consumption through AI-powered technology. Try it today and transform the way you stay informed.

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