Are you a pet owner who doesn't know exactly what breed your pet is? With our AI-based Animal Recognition tool, you can find out the exact breed of your pet within seconds. It's a quick and easy way to learn more about your furry friend without the need for a time and cost-intensive analysis of the DNA.

How Does It Work?

Our app can identify various breeds of dogs, cats, and horses. Just scan your pet and let the app do its magic. Here's a peek at what it offers:

  • Quick identification of the breed
  • Information about specific characteristics and traits
  • Reliable results within seconds

Not only does our tool cater to those with purebred pets; it can also determine the breed for mixed breeds, eliminating any confusion or uncertainty.



  • Quick and reliable breed identification
  • No need for DNA analysis
  • User-friendly app interface
  • Detailed information about specific breed traits
  • Suitable for multiple animal types
  • Continuously improving AI accuracy


  • May not cover every pet breed
  • Relies on visual scanning, so may not be 100% accurate


With over 16 million app downloads and nearly 2 million animal identifications per month, our tool is reliable, user-friendly, and continuously being improved for better accuracy. Whether you're a curious pet owner or professional breeder, our AI-based Animal Recognition tool is here to help you learn more about your pets. Give it a try and gain valuable insights into your beloved animal companions today.

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