Discover SiteGuide: Your Website's Personal Guide

Navigating a website can sometimes be cumbersome for visitors, causing potential clients to leave in frustration. SiteGuide is designed to bridge that gap, ensuring your website is equipped to engage your visitors effectively and helpfully.

What Is SiteGuide?

SiteGuide is a virtual assistant that integrates with your website, providing real-time answers to your visitors' questions. It is not just another chatbot; it's a sophisticated system using patent-pending artificial intelligence techniques with a user-friendly touch.

How Does SiteGuide Work?

When a person arrives at a website using SiteGuide, they can simply ask questions out loud. SiteGuide responds immediately, guiding the user to relevant sections of the site that contain the information they're seeking. The beauty lies in its intuitive ability to converse with users and understand the context of their inquiries, offering accurate navigation.

Benefits for Website Owners

The advantages of using SiteGuide are immense:


Instantaneous Assistance: SiteGuide educates itself swiftly on your site's nuances to deliver prompt responses to inquiries, ensuring your visitors find what they need without delay.


Insightful Analytics: Many websites unknowingly miss critical content their patrons are searching for. SiteGuide reveals these gaps by tracking what your visitors are asking, allowing you to enhance your content and boost conversions.


Accessibility: The tool caters to a diverse audience, including older adults, individuals who are less tech-savvy, or those with visual impairments or dyslexia, widening your potential customer base.


Real-time Interaction: Unlike generic chatbots, SiteGuides are specifically trained using information from your site. While they focus on providing accurate data, the system also allows you to monitor interactions and step in with personal replies via SMS if necessary.


Easy Integration: SiteGuide is incredibly simple to add to your site, especially if you are a Wix user. Just insert a single line of code into your footer, and you are ready to go!

Why Choose Site Guide Over Other AI Tools?

SiteGuide stands out from platforms like ChatGPT by centering its responses around your website's content — it doesn't make assumptions or generate information. The AI is designed to learn from real-time interactions, which means it is always improving, adapting, and providing better service to your users.

Setting Up SiteGuide

To get started with SiteGuide, setting it up is a breeze. If you are using a Wix website, simply add a tiny piece of code to your site's footer. For those on different platforms, the same level of ease applies, ensuring that no matter your technical skill level, you can enhance your website with SiteGuide's capabilities.


In today's digital landscape, a website is not merely an information hub but a dynamic platform for customer interaction and satisfaction. SiteGuide elevates this experience, offering a tool that not only improves your website's accessibility but also uncovers valuable insights into your visitors' needs. By integrating this forward-thinking solution, you're not just upgrading your website; you're investing in a tool that speaks directly to your customers’ needs — literally.

For more details, visit the SiteGuide website and see how you can stop losing customers and start engaging with them more effectively.

SiteGuide Homepage

There are differing views on the use of AI tools like SiteGuide. Some argue that relying too much on AI may lead to depersonalization of customer service and discourage website improvement, as AI might not relay the nuanced feedback a human could. It is also important to consider user privacy and ensure that AI interactions comply with data protection regulations. Nevertheless, when implemented responsibly, SiteGuide could elevate your online presence by making your website more accessible and user-friendly.

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