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Are you a business looking for AI-enabled investment solutions to enhance your offerings and drive revenue growth? STRATxAI might be the perfect platform for you. Here's why you should consider using this cutting-edge tool for your investing needs.

Why Choose STRATxAI?

  • Unlock More Margin: By partnering with STRATxAI, you get access to a seamless, fully embedded white-label investing solution, driven by AI-powered investment portfolios. This can lead to increased revenue growth for your business.
  • Enhance Customer Retention: Keep your customers engaged within your ecosystem by offering them a simple yet powerful investment experience through STRATxAI.
  • Ease of Integration: You can easily integrate STRATxAI's turnkey solution into your existing offerings, enabling you to go-to-market much faster and gain access to continuous innovation in the investment-as-a-service space.
  • Embed Leading Investment Technology: STRATxAI has been perfecting their AI-driven investment technology since 2021. Their portfolios and technology solutions are designed to meet the specific business requirements and goals of companies.

Getting Ahead of the Competition

With STRATxAI's suite of APIs, you can complement your existing offerings with their scalable and exhaustive investment solution. By plugging into their infrastructure, you can let them take care of the investing processes, including custody, order management, portfolio analytics, and reporting. This allows you to focus on managing your most important asset, your client and their experience.


  • Access to cutting-edge AI-driven investment portfolios
  • Seamless integration with existing offerings
  • Scalable and exhaustive investment solution
  • Allows focus on managing client relationships and experience


  • Limited information on pricing and specific features
  • Relatively new technology (since 2021) may lead to uncertainty

STRATxAI's focus is to empower businesses with forward-thinking AI-enabled investment tools. If you're looking to elevate your digital wealth experience and enhance your business offerings, STRATxAI might just be the partner you need. Get in touch with them today to see how your business can benefit from their cutting-edge technology.

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