Unlocking the Secrets of Effective eCommerce with Sirio

Navigating the eCommerce world can be like steering a ship through a stormy sea. With the right tools, however, you can take command of your eCommerce business and sail smoothly towards success. Allow me to introduce you to Sirio, a state-of-the-art tracking tool designed to optimize your online store using the power of Machine Learning.

Sirio offers a comprehensive solution that covers all the bases—from tracking user interactions in real-time to analyzing shopping trends and addressing technical anomalies in your site. It's a creation by Chiron, tailored to assist you in identifying and rectifying any issues that could be hindering your online business.

How Sirio Works
Collects Data

Sirio keeps a close watch on your customers' interactions within your eCommerce environment. By monitoring in real time, it keeps a detailed log of user behaviors and critical data for subsequent analysis.

Analyzes the Journey

The tool goes on to scrutinize every aspect of the customer journey. It examines user behavior, purchase trends, abandoned carts, searches within your site, technical glitches, and lost revenue opportunities.

Delivers Solutions

Based on its robust analysis, Sirio provides insightful graphs and strategic recommendations. These insights are designed to help you craft winning strategies to boost conversion rates and reclaim potential lost revenue by reconnecting with customers who slipped through the net.

Features That Set Sirio Apart


Revenue Analysis: Sirio calculates not only the revenue from completed purchases but also the potential revenue affected by eCommerce issues that could be tarnishing your user experience.


Technical Anomalies Monitoring: Every JavaScript error, slow-loading page, 404 error, server-side problem, unfruitful searches, and instances of user bounce are meticulously tracked from the get-go.


Anomaly Alerts: You’ll receive timely notifications if there’s a sudden increase in technical issues requiring swift actions, and you can assess the status of anomalies at a glance through dedicated infographics.


Downtime Alerts: Sirio constantly checks your server's responsiveness. If the server is down, it doesn't just know—it tells you immediately via email.


Behaviour Analysis: Understanding your customer’s behavior is pivotal. Sirio maps out the user journey, identifying at what point users disengage and why. It also compares the ratio of daily bounce sessions to the total and analyzes the search bar results within your eCommerce site.


Advanced Filters and Segments: Need a customized view of your data? Sirio provides advanced filters, allowing for tailored reports that can be saved and shared among team members for efficient use.

Integration and Support

Sirio seamlessly integrates with your existing CMS, thus ensuring a smooth transition into an enhanced eCommerce monitoring system.

Pros and Cons of Using Sirio

When considering Sirio for your eCommerce platform, it's always beneficial to weigh the pros and cons.


· Real-time data collection offers immediate insights.

· Comprehensive analysis helps understand customer behavior and rectify any deterring issues.

· Immediate alerts to tackle anomalies and downtime efficiently.

· Potential increase in conversion rates and revenue.


· Like any analytical tool, a learning curve is to be expected.

· Requires time to analyze data and implement changes based on insights.

Remember, to truly benefit from Sirio’s capabilities, you must be willing to invest time in understanding and utilizing the insights it provides.

If you’re eager to navigate the complexities of eCommerce with a clearer map, consider Sirio as your guiding star. Request a free demo or more information to see how Sirio can transform your online business. Take the helm and sail your eCommerce towards the horizon of success.

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