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November 22, 2023

Introducing Shortify: The Ultimate AI-Powered Summarizer

Are you tired of getting bogged down by endless articles, long-winded blog posts, or never-ending YouTube videos? Look no further than Shortify. It’s time to simplify your reading experience and save valuable time by summarizing everything you encounter online.

What Exactly Is Shortify?

Shortify is an AI-powered summarization tool that can compress various types of content, including articles, YouTube videos, PDFs, and more. No matter which app or website you’re using, all it takes is a simple tap in the Share menu, and Shortify works its magic.

Why Should You Use Shortify?

Your time is precious, and Shortify respects that. Here’s why you might find it useful:

Use Cases

  • Watch those lengthy YouTube videos your friends are constantly sending you, and get straight to the point.
  • Clear out that ever-growing sea of tabs in your browser by quickly summarizing and understanding the content.
  • Skip over the heavy historical background in long blog posts and get to the main idea.
  • Avoid the clutter of ads and plugins on certain websites and apps.
  • Understand the key points of an article before you fully commit to reading it.

How Does Shortify Work?

Using Shortify is simple. Just open your favorite app or site, tap the Share button, and select Shortify. It’s that easy to start summarizing content and saving time.

Additional Features of Shortify

Shortify offers more than just simple summarization:

  • Get an even shorter summary if needed.
  • Share your summarized content with others.
  • Keep track of stats such as the time you’ve saved.


You get 100 free Shorts to start you off, and after that, you pay only for what you use. With 1000 shorts at an average reading speed, you can effectively get 72 hours of your life back for the cost of just two coffees. How’s that for a time-saving investment?

Privacy is a Priority

Concerned about privacy? Fret not. Shortify ensures your data is safe:

  • No personal data is collected.
  • No third-party trackers or ads are used.
  • There’s no account signup, so there’s nothing to delete.

Get Informed

If you need more clarity on how Shortify works, you can watch a demo video to see it in action.

Still Have Questions?

If you’re curious or have anything to ask about Shortify, simply shoot them an email.

The Bottom Line

Shortify is all about saving you time and getting to the heart of the content without all the fluff. If you’re someone who loves soaking in content but doesn’t always have the luxury of time, Shortify could be your secret weapon.


  • Summarizes articles, videos, and more from various apps and websites
  • Simple to use, works with just a tap
  • Offers advanced features such as stat tracking and sharing
  • Prioritizes user privacy with no data collection or use of third-party ads


  • Pricing may be a consideration for heavier users as it’s pay-per-use

In the digital age, time is truly of the essence. Don’t let information overload slow you down. Give Shortify a try and let it dive into the depths of content for you, while you enjoy the time saved.

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