Short Circuit

Discover the Charming AI Assistant: Shorty

Shorty, the AI assistant, is ready to be your adorable companion on your digital journeys. It's available for download on the App Store with its exclusive app, Short Circuit, bringing the powerful capabilities of ChatGPT & GPT-4 to your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Your Personal AI Companion

Imagine crafting an email on your Mac, playing a game on your iPad, or taking a stroll with your iPhone in your pocket, and having an urge to chat or a sudden question pops up. With Short Circuit, you can summon a wealth of knowledge and playful interaction whenever you want. Moreover, it boasts versatility with its 'Personalities Galore' feature, allowing you to tailor the conversation to your liking.

Siri Integration

Shorty integrates seamlessly with Siri, enabling an instant, informative conversation wherever you are. The Shortcuts feature lets you create sophisticated workflows using ChatGPT, streamlining your daily tasks through the power of AI.

Fact-Checking and Privacy

The app includes a built-in fact-checking feature to provide reliable information. Shorty also does not use your data to train OpenAI models, ensuring your conversations remain private.

Flexible Pricing

Short Circuit offers a subscription model within the app, but it also presents a unique one-time lifetime unlock option. To cater to all, there is also a free trial to help you get acquainted with all that Short Circuit has to offer.

Easy Setup

Setting up Short Circuit is a breeze. Purchasing a lifetime unlock requires you to add your OpenAI key within the app. The process is straightforward, with clear instructions both online and within the app itself to guide you through acquiring and inputting your OpenAI secret key.

Always Here to Help

The Red Panda Club, the creators behind Shorty, are accessible via Mastodon or email for any questions or setup help you may require.

Shorty’s Short Circuit fits right into a modern, mobile lifestyle, complementing it with AI intellect and charm, while being mindful of user privacy and offering flexible payment options. It's an imaginative blend of convenience, functionality, and user customization.

As with any tool, it's essential to consider the pros and cons:


  • Cross-platform availability on iOS and macOS devices.
  • Customizable conversations with different AI personalities.
  • Integration with Siri and Shortcuts for hands-free operation and automation.
  • Built-in fact-check feature for information reliability.
  • Strong commitment to user privacy.
  • Flexible pricing with a lifetime unlock option.
  • User-friendly setup process.


  • Subscription or one-time payment required for full access.
  • Only available on Apple's ecosystem, limiting availability for users of other operating systems.
  • AI technology may still have certain limitations in understanding and responses.

Overall, Shorty's Short Circuit offers a refreshing and personalized approach to integrating AI into daily life. Whether you’re seeking entertainment, information, or productivity support, Shorty appears ready to be your go-to digital companion.

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