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Shark Attack Risk Forecast App

December 7, 2023
Shark Attack Risk Forecast App

Welcome to SafeWaters.AI. It's summertime, and hitting the beach or surfing the waves feels amazing. But have you ever felt hesitation or canceled your plans due to fear of shark attacks? You're not alone. Sharks are incredible creatures, but it's important to ensure safety and peace of mind while enjoying the oceans. This is where SafeWaters.AI comes in.

What is SafeWaters.AI?

SafeWaters.AI is a groundbreaking advancement in predicting and forecasting shark attack risk using artificial intelligence. By training on a wealth of data, including over 200 years of attack and marine weather data, this technology can provide forecasts for high-risk locations and days. SafeWaters.AI prides itself on being a peer-reviewed technology and has shown an 84% accuracy in forecasting "high-risk" days based on past attacks.

How It Works

  • Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence.
  • 83% accuracy in forecasting high-risk days.
  • 30 marine weather variables are analyzed.
  • Peer-reviewed technology for reliability.

Not a Prediction, but an Aid for Safety

SafeWaters.AI is not about putting you in fear or making you distrust the oceans. Instead, it's a tool to ensure your safety and protection. It doesn't predict shark attacks – instead, it offers risk forecasts based on data from previous shark attacks. The accuracy of forecasts can be invaluable for swimmers, surfers, and beachgoers. These forecasts can help you plan your day by either cautioning you to avoid the water or ensuring that you take proper precautions.

SafeWaters.AI encourages personal judgment and necessary precautions, and it's essential to remember that risk forecasts aren't infallible, and unanticipated attacks can still occur.

Benefits and Mission


  • Provides an 83% accurate assessment of shark attack risk.
  • Offers a unique application for both Android and IOS.


  • Risk forecasts are not infallible.

With a mission to address growing concerns associated with the rise in shark attacks worldwide, SafeWaters.AI is not just a tool but an effort towards ensuring ocean lovers enjoy the waters safely.

Moreover, 5% of all profits generated by SafeWaters.AI will be donated towards ocean cleanup and conservation efforts. Together, we can ensure that the world's oceans are a safe and beautiful place for every living being.

Unique Features

  • Ocean Conservation & Cleanup Efforts: A portion of the profits will contribute towards vital ocean conservation.

  • Research Blogging: Keep track of research findings and applications to help build a better understanding and appreciation of marine life.

  • IOS & Android Apps: The unique application allows you to assess your risk on the go, making safety an easy thing to access.

  • Shark Mitigation: SafeWaters.AI provides an alternative to traditional shark mitigation methods, potentially saving millions of sharks annually.

With the help of SafeWaters.AI, we can all have a safer and more informed beach day, giving the sharks and ocean life a better chance to thrive while ensuring our safety and happiness in the water.

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