Simplify Document Data Extraction with Sensible

For developers who work with documents, extracting information doesn't have to be a drawn-out process filled with the typical PDF parsing challenges. Sensible provides a streamlined and developer-friendly solution to quickly and easily access data within documents.

Sensible's platform is uncomplicated and efficient, designed with developers in mind to ensure that accessing data is as simple as making an API call. This convenience means that document automation can be integrated directly into products and workflows without the need to invest months of work—just a matter of minutes.

Optimize Your Workflow with Sensible Instruct

Sensible Instruct is a feature that allows you to describe the data you're looking to extract in natural language, and then it effortlessly pulls this information from the documents. This can be particularly useful for various document types, such as building permit applications or invoices, which can now be processed in mere seconds.

The process is enhanced with the use of Large Language Models (LLMs) that are capable of understanding and extracting the necessary data accurately and reliably. Sensible Instruct is not limited to structured forms—it can easily handle unstructured text documents and other forms in between.

Customization and Control with SenseML

When your needs go beyond the basics, Sensible also offers SenseML—which gives you the ability to maintain complete control over the data extraction process. This powerful tool adapts to the unique structures and formats of documents, including dynamic elements like tables, checkboxes, and even handwriting.

Easy Integration for Any Workflow

Sensible allows seamless integration into your existing workflow. You can incorporate its capabilities via APIs directly into your product or connect it with over 5,000 integrations through Zapier. Even those without developer expertise can harness the power of Sensible using the intuitive user interface, exporting data to formats like JSON, Excel, and CSV.

Pros and Cons of Using Sensible


· Rapid document data extraction suitable for real-time workflows

· Ability to interpret and process a variety of documents, from structured forms to unstructured text

· Advanced data extraction using natural language and LLMs

· Customization with SenseML for specific and complex document formats

· Straightforward integration options catering to both developers and non-developers


· May require an initial learning curve to make the most of SenseML customization

· Dependence on clear document scans for accurate extraction, as poorly scanned documents might affect the results

Get Started Today

You can try out Sensible for yourself. Creating an account is free, letting you test the waters and see just how much efficiency this tool can add to your document management process. Whether you're dealing with invoices, contracts, medical research data, or insurance claims, Sensible is designed to revolutionize the way you extract data.

For businesses looking to scale their operations with improved efficiency, Sensible can be a game-changer. As Stuart Winchester, CEO & Founder, stated, using Sensible allowed their company to grow significantly with minimal operational staff.

To learn more or to get started, visit the Sensible website to explore the features, browse the SenseML config library, or try out Sensible Instruct with your own documents.

Integrating this advanced data extraction into your applications and systems is an effective way to enhance productivity and leverage cutting-edge technology to meet the demands of document-heavy workflows.

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