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Scan My Golf Ball

November 22, 2023
Scan My Golf Ball

Are you tired of guessing which golf ball is best for your game? Introducing ScanMyGolfBall - the AI-powered tool that takes your golf game to new heights. With this handy app, you can scan any golf ball and uncover its secrets in seconds. No more tedious searches or guesswork. Here's how it works:

  1. Scan: Launch the ScanMyGolfBall app on your smartphone and point the camera at the golf ball you want to analyze.

  2. Identify: Our advanced AI algorithms will analyze the ball and reveal its details, saving you from endless database searches.

  3. Playability Fit: Answer a few quick questions about your playing style to receive personalized golf ball recommendations, tailored just for you!


  • Cover type: Get insights on the material used on the golf ball cover.
  • Layer count: Knowing the layer count of the ball can significantly impact your game.
  • Compression: Find out the compression level of the golf ball, which can make a difference in your performance.
  • Greenstopping spin: Understand the ball's spin potential and how it affects the green.
  • Swing speed: Learn how the ball can complement your swing speed.
  • Feel: Discover the tactile feel of the golf ball and its impact on your game.
  • Dimples: Get in-depth insights on the dimple patterns' effect on the ball's aerodynamics.

With ScanMyGolfBall, you can elevate your golf game like never before. Download the app today and experience golfing brilliance in a whole new way!


  • User-friendly interface
  • Personalized golf ball recommendations based on your playing style
  • Saves time and effort in finding the right golf ball for you


  • Relies on smartphone camera quality for accurate scanning
  • Some features may require additional in-app purchases

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