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Discover Stack - Reinventing Sales Communication

What is Discover Stack?

In the world of sales, communication is key. Discover Stack is a suite of innovative applications designed to elevate your sales conversations and turn every interaction into a revenue-generating opportunity. The applications are tailored for sales professionals, ranging from solo entrepreneurs to employees at Fortune 500 companies.

The Tools of Discover Stack

Lead Engager for LinkedIn Networking

Firstly, we have the Lead Engager, which is the perfect assistant for LinkedIn. It enables you to start personalized conversations and nurture these connections effectively. By transforming your LinkedIn interactions, you can see a real impact on your bottom line.

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Pro Emailer for Efficient Email Management

The Pro Emailer revolutionizes your email communication. With this tool, you can quickly read and respond to crucial emails and maintain an organized inbox, helping you stay on top of your daily communications.

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Audience Engager for Building Your Brand

The Audience Engager is designed to help you craft educational posts that position you as an industry thought leader. This tool can boost your visibility and credibility among prospects.

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Pro Caller for Call Management

Lastly, the Pro Caller is a boon for managing phone interactions. It helps you remember the critical points from your calls, enabling you to reference these details in future conversations.

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Unique Features of Sales Stack

Sales Stack comes packed with features to support seamless sales communication:

  • Continuity: It ensures that all forms of communication are connected, so an email can turn into a call script or a LinkedIn comment can become an email follow-up.

  • Memory: Sales Stack remembers your previous interactions across platforms, ensuring that you always have context for your communications.

  • Identity: The AI trains on your profile and activities, helping to maintain your unique communication style while enhancing relevance for your target market.

  • Privacy: Security is a priority. That's why all the apps are encrypted end-to-end, ensuring that your business communications remain private.

Pricing Plans

Discover Stack offers varying subscription levels:

  • Starter Plan: for $99/month, you get unlimited access to all Stack Apps, team invites, AI continuity, and a referral program.

  • Pro Plan: for $199/month, includes all Starter benefits plus CRM integration, personalized onboarding, team mode tuning, and access to BETA features.

  • Enterprise Plan: offers customized services, detailed reporting, tailored AI training, and priority support.


Happy users have shared their success stories, highlighting how Discover Stack has significantly boosted their sales processes. Users like Wesley Longueira, Wes Pennock, and Mario Noel have expressed how indispensable these tools have become in their daily sales activities.

In summary, Discover Stack provides a comprehensive solution for those looking to enhance their sales communication. By integrating AI with a sales-focused approach, it enables you to manage conversations across platforms efficiently and ensure that each interaction is a step towards closing a deal.

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