Experience a New Era of Smart Meetings with Rumi AI

In the world of virtual conferencing and remote teamwork, the need for efficient and intelligent meeting tools is vital. Rumi, previously known as Waitroom, is a cutting-edge AI-enhanced meeting platform designed to streamline your virtual meetings and enhance productivity while keeping your conversations private.

Getting Started with Rumi is a Breeze

All it takes to jump into the future of meetings is a few simple steps:

· Sign Up to Host: Quickly create your account and get ready for smarter meetings.

· Set Up a Meeting: Use your dashboard or the convenient Google Calendar™ Extension to schedule your meetings.

· Use it for Free: Start using Rumi at no cost and experience its benefits firsthand.

The Benefits of Using Rumi AI

Rumi AI is like having an intelligent assistant during your meetings, offering several compelling features:

· Interactive Summaries: Rumi AI provides real-time, editable summaries and highlights key action items and insights, adding value during and after your virtual gatherings.

· Focus on Privacy: With Rumi’s off the record feature, you decide when the AI listens, providing control over sensitive content to maintain confidentiality.

· Multi-language Support: Operate in a multilingual world seamlessly, as Rumi allows you to set the output language for the meeting, reducing communication barriers.

· Post-Meeting Playback: Receive a full recording immediately after the meeting. Rumi highlights key moments and sends summaries to attendees for easy follow-up.

Streamlining Your Scheduling Process

Integrate Rumi effortlessly with Google Calendar™. The Rumi extension enables convenient planning and scheduling without leaving your calendar, simplifying the setup process for your meetings.

The Unique Rumi Turn-Based Meetings

Rumi's queue and timer mode creates an orderly environment free from distractions and interruptions. Perfect for focused discussions and webinars, this feature supports meetings with up to 2,000 participants, ensuring everyone gets a fair chance to contribute.

How Rumi Stands Out

Rumi redefines online meetings with its AI capabilities:

· Real-time AI Meeting Feed: Receive concise summaries and insights as the meeting unfolds.

· Turn-Based Mode: Encourages brevity and focus, ending meetings punctually while giving everyone an opportunity to speak.

· Focus on What’s Important: Simplify your workday with automated AI assistance, which ensures continuity and accountability meeting after meeting.

Key Features at a Glance

Rumi comes packed with functionalities to make your meetings more productive:

· Real-time AI meeting feed for instant summaries and action items.

· Full control over when the AI listens to ensure privacy.

· Host meetings directly in the browser with up to 2,000 people.

· Ability to catch the off-camera moments for a comprehensive meeting experience.

While Rumi AI has plenty to offer, it is important to consider factors such as the learning curve associated with new technology and potential over-reliance on AI tools. Always weigh the pros and cons regarding the specific needs and dynamics of your team and meetings.

To explore what Rumi AI meeting platform can do for your team, sign up today and see how it can enhance your online meeting experience. Embrace the future of meetings with Rumi AI.

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