Discover the Simplicity of AI Integration with Rubber

Have you ever imagined incorporating the power of AI into your website or business operations without the hassle of coding or complex integrations? That's precisely what Rubber offers. Rubber is a robust platform that simplifies the process of building and deploying AI-powered applications to enhance your business.

Crafting Custom AI Experiences

One of the unique aspects of Rubber is that it gives you the autonomy to create your own AI experience. Crafting a user interface (UI) for your audience or customers is no longer a developer's job. With Rubber, you can develop custom UIs that facilitate interaction with AI technologies, all embedded seamlessly within your website. Curious to see it in action?

· View a demo of how to build a custom AI experience with Rubber.

Conversational AI at Your Service

Chatbots have been proven to elevate customer support and engagement. Rubber steps in to help you train and build your own ChatGPT chatbot with your data, making the AI experience incredibly personalized for your website visitors.

· Check out the chatbot demo to see how you can harness the power of conversational AI for your site.

Engineered for Success

Rubber is not just another tech tool, it's a product of relentless work from a team comprising top-notch Engineers, Product Managers, and AI Researchers. The platform is designed to be intuitive, catering to non-tech savvy individuals as well, and it's built to scale as your business grows.

Driving Your Business Forward with AI

By utilizing AI, you can achieve significant enhancements in various facets of your business:

· Lead Generation: Spawn an AI-driven form to captivate and secure more high-quality leads.

· Customer Support: Launch a bespoke AI chatbot trained on your support desk data to resolve queries effectively.

· Upselling to Clients: Leverage AI to amplify your service offerings for current and future clients.

· Validating Product Ideas: Swiftly construct and execute tests to gauge new features and product concepts.

What Sets Rubber Apart?

Rubber is a comprehensive solution for those looking to integrate AI without fuss. It enables you to:

· Chain prompts effortlessly: Create complicated workflows that utilize multiple prompts and models with simplicity.

· Harness advanced AI: Implement the most sophisticated AI models without fretting over API keys or complex setups.

Flexible and Powerful Connectivity

Connecting your data with AI has never been easier. With Rubber, you can upload files (.txt, .csv, .pdf, and more formats to come), and Rubber will do the magic of marrying your data with AI models, paving the way for smarter, data-informed decisons.

Rapid Deployment and Scalability

Sharing Rubber-made apps with customers or team members is as smooth as silk. Publish your apps with a single click, and leave the hosting and maintenance of AI models and apps to Rubber's reliable infrastructure.

· Whitelisting Option: You can even remove the Rubber branding, presenting the apps as your very own.

· Embedding Made Easy: Integrate AI features into your web properties effortlessly.

Ready-Made App Templates

Rubber understands the value of time for businesses and individuals. Therefore, the platform offers over 30 ready-to-use app templates tailored for various domains:

· Marketing

· Sales

· Business Professional

· Content

· Education

From an AI SEO Assistant fine-tuning your content strategy to an AI Branding Creator shaping your brand identity, these templates are designed to deliver results and save you countless hours of work.


Rubber encapsulates the efficiency, innovation, and practicality needed to integrate AI into your operations without the need for deep technological expertise. Whether you're capturing leads, enhancing customer support, or testing new product ideas, Rubber eases the transition into a more AI-centric business approach.

In a world where technology is in constant flux, platforms like Rubber keep companies at the forefront, ensuring that they can always tap into the potential of AI advancements.

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