Introducing Rizemail

Imagine a world where you no longer have to sift through an overflowing inbox or lengthy newsletters—Rizemail is designed to make this vision a reality. This handy email service simplifies your digital life by summarizing your emails right within your own inbox.

Simplify Your Inbox with AI Summarization

Rizemail works by processing the emails you forward to it. Upon receiving your email, the service quickly delivers a summary back to you, ensuring that you get the key information without reading through everything. This is especially useful for lengthy threads, newsletter-heavy inboxes, or commercial communications that usually require more time to digest.

Accessibility and Ease of Use

Using Rizemail is as effortless as sending an email. You forward your message to summ@rizemail.app, and within moments, a neat summary lands back in your inbox. There's no need for complex processes or additional tools; everything takes place within the familiar confines of your email service.

With Rizemail’s current capacity, you can receive summaries for up to 100 emails per month for each of your email accounts. Plus, it’s built to handle lengthy messages, capable of summarizing emails up to approximately 12,000 English words.

How Rizemail Stands out from the Rest

Unlike other summarization tools which may require you to leave your inbox, copy, and paste the text into another application, Rizemail does the work directly through email. This seamless integration with your email routine means less disruption and more efficiency.

Security and Privacy

When it comes to security, Rizemail takes user privacy seriously. It employs Amazon Web Services (AWS) to diligently handle your information. Once the AI, fueled by OpenAI's GPT technology, has created your summary, the email is erased. Additionally, a hashed count of summaries requested by your email address is maintained for service tracking but is anonymized and deleted monthly.

A Free Resource with Future Perks

Currently, Rizemail is available at no cost and sustains itself through modest advertisements included in the email summaries. However, for those looking forward to an ad-free experience, a premium version with additional features is in the works.

Mission-Driven Service

Rizemail's goal is to save what's irreplaceable—your time. By reducing the hours spent deciphering emails, Rizemail helps you focus on what truly matters.

For Queries and Feedback

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, contacting Rizemail is easy. Just send a message to info[at]dan-k.com, and the team is ready to assist. Whether it’s regarding improvements or to address a rare case where the service might not work perfectly, your input is invaluable to the service's enhancement.

A Service Crafted by AI

The quirky aesthetic of Rizemail’s website is a result of heavy reliance on AI, specifically GPT-4, for its creation. From the back-end to the marketing strategies, AI plays a critical role in how Rizemail has been shaped.


Rizemail invites you to step into a world of simplified communication. Give it a try, and experience a decluttered inbox where the essence of your emails is presented in a concise and manageable form.

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