Discover RivetAI: Your Pre-Production Copilot

Crafting a screenplay or orchestrating the pre-production phase of a film can be as challenging as directing an epic saga on screen. The amount of detailed planning required for script coverage, scheduling, and budgeting can leave even the most experienced writers and producers feeling weighed down. Fortunately, the world of tech has an answer for those looking to ease their production burdens: RivetAI.

RivetAI is a state-of-the-art workflow platform tailored to assist writers, producers, and directors in refining their pre-production efforts. It harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to simplify copious tasks which, in turn, gives creatives more room to flourish in what they do best: telling stories and bringing them to life.

Features That Empower Your Storytelling

Advanced Automated Script Coverage

RivetAI offers in-depth analysis of your screenplay. With its automated script coverage, you receive everything from a compact logline and summary to constructive feedback and genres classification. Plus, it assesses your script with an objective rubric.

Simplified Screenplay Summaries

Plot complexities can be a hurdle. To aid with this, RivetAI can generate comprehensible summaries that outline the fundamental plot points, making it easier to navigate through the story's architecture.

In-Depth Character Breakdowns

The tool's Character Breakdown feature furnishes meticulous descriptions and insights into your characters. It contributes significantly to making informed choices for casting and adds depth to character arcs.

Budgeting Made Efficient

Finances are a critical aspect of production planning. With RivetAI's enhanced budgeting tool, you can quickly obtain a detailed top-sheet budget estimate, which streamlines your financial strategization and pitching process.

Smart Scheduling

Structuring a shooting schedule can be a logistical nightmare. RivetAI’s smart scheduling system curates efficient shooting timetables, honing in on resource optimization and minimizing potential logistical hiccups.

Advanced Security

Your intellectual property is sacred, and RivetAI knows it. The platform secures your creative work and sensitive data with the latest security innovations, so tranquility accompanies your creative endeavors.

Multilingual Assistance

Embrace the global aspect of storytelling with RivetAI's multilingual support. Cater to a diverse set of stories and audiences by working with scripts in various languages, from English to Mandarin, and from Spanish to Arabic.

Choosing the Right Plan for You

RivetAI comes with a customizable 'Beta Plan' that includes the full suite of its AI-powered tools. You'll have access to comprehensive coverage reports, screenplay summaries, character breakdowns, budget estimates, and automated schedules. Also, the convenient PDF exports and collaborative project features make teamwork seamless. Professional support is the cherry on top, guiding you whenever you need assistance.

As RivetAI continues to evolve and add new features, staying up to date with their latest offerings is a breeze. You can subscribe to updates and follow their journey as they expand their toolset.

RivetAI's mission is straightforward: it wants to unburden creatives so they can set free their imagination and innovation without the drudgery of pre-production’s complexities. With RivetAI supporting your project, the focus returns to where it belongs – on crafting compelling content that captivates audiences.

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