Understanding customer feedback is crucial for any business aiming to evolve and refine its products or services. Gaining this valuable insight, however, can often be a slow and challenging process. That is, until the arrival of RhetorAI.

Simplifying Customer Feedback

RhetorAI is a tool designed to make the feedback collection process as seamless as possible by utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI). At its core, RhetorAI employs a sophisticated chatbot, created using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, to engage with your customers and solicit their honest opinions.

Key Features of RhetorAI

· Automatic Follow-ups: The tool doesn’t just collect initial responses; it prompts further discussion when necessary, ensuring that the feedback is detailed and informative.

· Insights Generation: Beyond just collecting data, RhetorAI analyzes conversations to provide coherent and actionable insights.

· Multilingual Support: The tool can converse with users in multiple languages, removing any linguistic barriers.

· Flexible Conversation Parameters: You can choose the length of the interaction to suit your needs, gathering either brief snapshot feedback or in-depth reviews.

· Seamless Website Integration: RhetorAI can be added directly to your website with a simple line of code, making it easy for users to participate without navigating away.

· Email Notifications: You don't have to keep checking the dashboard. You can receive updates directly in your inbox whenever there's new feedback.

How RhetorAI Works

Setting up RhetorAI is quite straightforward. You inform the AI about your business and what information you want to gather, and it creates a custom chatbot specifically for your needs. Share the provided link with your customers, and they will be interviewed by the AI. Responses are diligently stored and available for your perusal at any time.

Plans and Pricing

RhetorAI offers several pricing plans to suit different needs:

· Basic: Ideal for individuals just starting out, with the ability to create two research projects for free.

· Plus: For teams that need higher quotas, allowing for up to 10 research projects.

· Custom: For enterprises that require custom feature sets and priorities.

The easy tiered structure means businesses of all sizes can use RhetorAI to their advantage.

Ensuring Privacy

RhetorAI values user privacy and data integrity. Any data or feedback collected is not used to train the AI, assuring that user and business data remains confidential.

The Importance of Real Feedback

These days, having a direct line to your customers' thoughts and experiences can make all the difference in staying competitive. Not only does RhetorAI provide a constant stream of feedback, but it also interprets and organizes this data to inform your decision-making process.


Whether it's to find out how users feel about your product, understand price sensitivity, or compare with competitors, RhetorAI offers a smart, efficient way to collect feedback. It's like having a dedicated product researcher that works non-stop to give you a clearer picture of your customers' wants and needs.

For more details, you can check out their FAQ section or contact them to discuss how RhetorAI can work with your business.

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