RhetorAI is a groundbreaking tool that employs AI to conversate with your customers, conducting interviews and gathering feedback on your behalf. Once you create a link with this remarkable tool, the AI takes over, reaching out to your users in a conversational and user-friendly manner, anytime, anywhere. It's like having an automated sidekick to help you understand what your customers really want and need.

RhetorAI has proven to be a reliable tool for feedback collection and analysis. Here's why:

  • With RhetorAI, you can gather an extensive amount of feedback on a regular basis, allowing for a continuous improvement process.
  • RhetorAI doesn't stop at just basic answers – it digs deeper into responses, delivering genuine insights into your customer's thoughts regarding your product.
  • RhetorAI saves you time and effort by analyzing user conversations and providing profound insights on your customer's preferences and needs.
  • Catering to a diverse audience? Not a problem. RhetorAI communicates fluently in different languages to adapt to your user's language preference.
  • Whether you need in-depth feedback or a swift user interaction, RhetorAI lets you customize the conversation length according to what works best for you and your users.
  • RhetorAI doesn't just stop at sending out links. It can be embedded on your website, allowing users to share their thoughts without leaving your site. Plus, you get email alerts every time there's a new response, keeping you updated without the need for daily dashboard checks.

And if you're concerned about privacy, rest assured that your customer's transcripts are kept secure and used solely for your business's feedback and improvement.

RhetorAI also offers a range of pricing plans to suit the needs of different businesses. From a basic individual plan to enterprise solutions with tailored features, RhetorAI has everyone covered.

RhetorAI also offers demos for testing price sensitivity, understanding main benefits, evaluating designs, and much more. This feature gives you a taste of what RhetorAI can do and how it can benefit your business.

If you're ready to take your customer feedback collection and analysis to the next level, consider RhetorAI as your ultimate feedback-gathering sidekick. Its simplicity, automation, and thorough analysis can empower your business to make customer-driven decisions, enhance your product quality, and demonstrate a deeper commitment to meeting your customer's needs.

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