Resume Revival App

Struggle with creating a standout resume that effectively captures your skills and experiences? No worries! Resume Revival is here to help. Our free online AI resume builder is designed to make crafting custom-built resumes and cover letters a breeze.

Enhance Your Job Applications

Using advanced ChatGPT technology, Resume Revival offers a range of features to improve your job search and advance your career prospects.

AI-Powered Resume and Cover Letter Builder Crafting ATS-friendly resumes and personalized cover letters is now easier than ever with our AI technology. Our intuitive online platform allows you to create professional documents hassle-free – and it’s completely free.

Skill Gap Analysis Identify areas for improvement and align your skills with your career aspirations using our free skill gap analysis feature. This is a great way to enhance your career trajectory and stand out in the professional field.

Tailored Customization Options With various templates and formatting options, you can customize your resume and cover letter to match your personal style and career goals. Resume Revival ensures that your application documents reflect who you are and what you aspire to be.

Empowering Job Seekers Take your job search to the next level with Resume Revival. Build your resume online and unlock new career opportunities like never before.


Sarah Kline from McKinsey & Company found the professional and tailored documents generated by our AI-powered service to be instrumental in securing multiple job offers. Shawna Murray from Nike lauded our service for the best customization and professionalism. Blake Elder from Apple also attested to the game-changing nature of our AI-generated cover letter service, which helped him secure a job offer.

If you’re looking to improve your job application materials and stand out in the competitive job market, Resume Revival is the way to go. Experience the difference today.

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