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November 9, 2023
Renumics Home

Spotlight is a tool powered by artificial intelligence designed to enhance machine learning development. It simplifies data inspection and interaction, allowing for better data enhancement and collaborative curation with domain experts.

Key features and benefits of Spotlight include:

  • Open Source: Access the Community version for free to explore and analyze your dataset.
  • Seamless Integration: Load existing DataFrames with a single line of code, ensuring compatibility with other tools.
  • Flexible Templates: Build interactive views for multimodal datasets and capture best practices in re-usable plays.

Spotlight offers efficient stakeholder collaboration, de-risking of ML projects, increased model robustness, and shorter iteration cycles.

Other reasons to consider using Spotlight include the ability to capture best practices in data curation and AI and support in crucial ML development steps.

Spotlight also provides extensive online resources, support in their Discord community, and allows for pull requests.

Pricing plans for Spotlight are as follows:

  1. Community - Free for analyzing unstructured datasets.
  2. Professional - 499€/month for curating high-quality datasets and editing data with a multi-seat license.
  3. Enterprise - Custom for building robust data-centric AI workflows.

In conclusion, Spotlight is an invaluable tool for anyone working with machine learning development and data curation, offering AI-powered features and extensive support for taking machine learning projects to the next level.

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