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November 22, 2023

Looking for a way to remove unwanted objects from your photos or change the background? The Magic Remover app, powered by AI, can help you easily enhance your photos, making them stand out. Whether you're in e-commerce, fashion, or real estate, this tool is designed to take your photos to the next level.

How to Use the Magic Remover Tool

  • Start from a photo or drop an image directly into the app. No image? No problem! The app provides sample images.
  • Erase unwanted elements repeatedly for better performance. It's quick, easy, and free!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a size limit when uploading an image to Remover? There's no limit for the image size when uploading, but downloads will be limited to 720px for the free version.
  • How many images can I edit? You can edit an unlimited number of images for free!
  • How much does Remover cost? Currently, all features are free. However, a Pro version is in the works that will provide additional features such as downloading high-resolution images.

Pro Tips for Best Results

  • Select a bigger brush and cover more than the area you want to retouch, especially to cover shadows. This will help the algorithm create the best results.

Different Use Cases

  • E-commerce: Make your products shine and impress your audience by removing distractions.
  • Fashion: Highlight the beauty of your creations without any unwanted elements stealing the spotlight.
  • Real Estate: Showcase properties without any distractions, allowing potential buyers to focus on the property itself.
  • Photo Cleanup: Easily remove watermarks, unwanted text, or any distracting elements.

Pros and Cons of Magic Remover


  • Fast and simple to use
  • No limit on the number of images you can edit
  • Free to use with a Pro version on the way
  • Provides professional results with just a few clicks


  • Limited to 720px resolution for free downloads
  • Pro version features are not yet available

Final Thoughts

Magic Remover is an impressive AI-powered tool that caters to various industries and provides an easy, efficient way to enhance photos without the need for complex software. Whether you're an e-commerce seller, a fashion enthusiast, or a real estate agent, this tool will help you create stunning visuals. And the best part? It's completely free!

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