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Remove vocal from any music track

May 17, 2024
Remove vocal from any music track

Do you enjoy singing along to your favorite songs, but wish you could remove the vocals? Our Vocal Remover tool is the solution. With its easy-to-use interface and advanced AI technology, you can remove vocals from any song in just a few minutes.

How It Works

Our Vocal Remover utilizes artificial intelligence to separate vocals from instrumentals in any song. Here's how it works:

· Upload your song

· Let our AI process the song

· Get two or more outputs: a karaoke version (vocals removed) and a vocals-only version (music removed)

More Than Just Vocals

Our Vocal Remover is not limited to just removing vocals. It offers a range of other features including:

· Bass separation

· Drums separation

· Piano separation

· Vocal separation

· Instrumentals separation

· Karaoke creation

· Movie processing

· DJ mixes



· Lossless sound quality

· Fast conversion takes only minutes

· Designed for professionals


· Limited free usage

· May not work perfectly for every song

Looking to explore its capabilities? Visit our website and upload your song to experience the magic!

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