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Remove background from an image automatically

November 22, 2023
Remove background from an image automatically

Introducing PixCleaner AI - Your Ultimate Image Editing Tool

Are you tired of spending countless hours manually editing images? PixCleaner AI is here to revolutionize the way you edit and enhance images. Whether you need to remove backgrounds, replace them with something new, enhance image quality, or even generate entirely new images, PixCleaner AI has got you covered.

Top Features

  • Automated Background Removal: Save up to 90% of your editing time with our automated background removal tool. From simple to complex images, PixCleaner AI handles it all, including difficult edges and intricate details like hair.

  • Smart Touch Tool: Fine-tune the removal process and supervise the results for added accuracy. No need to worry about parts you want to keep being accidentally removed—our supervised training tool lets you guide the AI to your desired outcome.

  • Bulk Image Operations: Speed up your workflow by automating the background removal process for multiple images. This increases efficiency and productivity.

  • Instant Transparent Backgrounds: Thanks to our pretrained AI, removing image backgrounds has never been more straightforward. Cut your editing time and budget effectively without sacrificing quality.

  • Additional Editing Options: Need to add custom layers, background edits, or other enhancements? PixCleaner AI offers extra editing options for accurate and quick image editing.

Pros and Cons


  • Saves time and money on image editing
  • Smart Touch tool allows for supervised training for accurate results
  • Handles complex images and intricate details with ease


  • May not have as many advanced editing features as some other high-end software
  • AI may not always perfectly predict the user's desired outcome, requiring additional fine-tuning


PixCleaner AI is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to edit and enhance images in a cost-effective and professional manner. It offers automated solutions and smart tools to get the job done efficiently.

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