Relevance AI

Simplify Your Workflow with the BDR Agent

In an age of rapid technological advancement, efficiency and productivity are at the forefront of business needs. The BDR agent stands as a prime example of leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance workforce capabilities. It serves as an autonomous co-worker that functions 24x7, allowing you to focus on innovation instead of routine tasks.

Building Your AI Workforce

Setting up your AI workforce is straightforward:

  • AI Tools: Your processes and data are input into the AI tools. You can start from scratch or make use of ready-to-go templates.
  • AI Agent: The agent is your digital employee, utilizing the AI tools you’ve set up to carry out tasks.
  • AI Workforce: Multiple AI agents can be employed simultaneously, each using a variety of tools to streamline various workflows across your business.

Features for Everyone

The BDR agent comes with features that enable even those with no technical background to build and tailor AI solutions:

  • Customize Without Coding: Train your AI worker to understand your unique business processes, no coding necessary.
  • Automate with Intelligence: Let your AI worker handle the monotonous tasks, allowing you to be 10 times as productive.
  • Easy-to-Use Tool Builder: With the no-code builder, you can build structured workflows that your AI worker can perform.
  • Choice of Providers: Stay updated by seamlessly switching between LLM providers like OpenAI, Google, Meta, and Anthropic.
  • Security First: Rest easy knowing that the system is SOC 2 Type 2 certified, GDPR compliant, and offers robust access controls and support for private cloud deployments.

Templates to Kickstart Your Automation

You can jumpstart your AI workforce by utilizing templates:

  • Document AI: Convert PDFs into searchable and sortable tables.
  • Blog Generator: Craft high-quality blog posts on any topic, almost instantaneously.
  • Web QA: Questions? Get fast answers by employing the power of Google search and various LLMs.

Trust and Approval

The effectiveness of the BDR agent is not just a claim; it is backed by the experiences of prominent clients:

  • A director from a Fortune 500 retail company highlighted that Relevance AI helps them make sense of data quickly, providing their clients with more rapid insights.
  • A General Manager of Data Science noted a significant reduction in time spent analyzing documents, from hours to just seconds.
  • A Customer Insights Lead praised the platform for enabling their team to build AI-driven tools that saved time across the board.

Common Questions Answered

The platform can raise some inquiries, here a couple addressed:

  • What are "tools/chains"?: They are AI apps constructed of sequences (chains) involving Large Language Models (LLMs) and additional functions like document retrieval and API requests. These are merged into a single endpoint to process and output your data.
  • What is an AI Workforce?: It is a virtual team of AI agents tailored to relieve you of repetitive duties, thus crafting a Multi-Agent System (MAS) within your organization.

Create Your AI Team

If you're ready to start, trying the BDR agent is just a click away. You can carry out a free trial, or schedule a call to understand how it can fit within your business landscape. Adopting an AI workforce is adopting a future where the mundane is handled by digital colleagues, leaving you the space to pursue more creative and strategic endeavors.

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