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            Making programming enjoyable without privacy concerns

            Refact is a powerful AI coding assistant that combines completion,
            refactoring, chat, and more.

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    Maximize the power of AI for your code
    Refact goes beyond code completion with a comprehensive AI toolbox that can analyze existing code and detect bugs, productivity, and other issues.

                Code Completion

                As you write code, Refact suggests potential code completions based on the context of your code, looking up and down. It can suggest whole functions, classes, commonly used programming patterns, libraries, and APIs usage.

                Improve code

                Refact can identify code that could be refactored to be more efficient or easier to understand. It can also detect bugs in your code and generate patches to fix them.

                    AI Chat

                Use plain language prompts in Refact chat to ask questions or get help with writing code without leaving your IDE.

                Transform and analyze code

                Refact can analyze the complexity of your code and explain unclear lines of code. It can also transform your code into a different language.

        Powered by multiple machine learning models

    Languages supported

            Refact is built for all major modern languages and frameworks

        Code Privacy

            Refact allows you to restrict access to particular files or projects,
            ensuring that your private code or confidential files are protected. We
            never store your code on the server side.

        Use the cloud or on-prem version

            You have the full control of where your code runs.

            powerful AI coding a

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