Record Once

Introducing a Super Fast and Easy Video Creation Tool!

Have you ever wanted to create videos to demonstrate your product or tutorial, but found the process too complicated and time-consuming? If so, we have great news for you! Our AI-powered tool is designed to turn anyone into a video pro, instantly. With this tool, creating professional, polished videos has never been easier.

How It Works

· Record your screen as you demo your product as quickly as you can.

· Our AI edits and removes mistakes from the recording.

· Add the finishing touches, and you're done!

Key Features

1. Automatic Editing: No more sorting through frames in a timeline or tweaking timing. The AI takes care of the editing, allowing you to focus on creating great tutorials.

2. Automatic Voice-Overs: Let the AI do the talking or record your own voice or camera.

3. Automatic Text Guides with Screenshots: For those who prefer text, and for improved SEO.

4. Instant Publishing: Go from recording to publishing in minutes.

How the Magic Works

Our tool has a built-in browser that records your web app, capturing all of the HTML and CSS, and your interactions with the app. This allows the AI to understand, edit, fix, and polish the video on the fly during playback, resulting in a high-resolution, smooth video.



· Easy to learn and use, even for those with no video skills.

· Instant publishing ensures quick turnarounds.

· Automatic text guides with screenshots.

· Ability to update existing videos instantly.


· Limited to recording web apps.

· Requires an internet connection for the browser to work.


Whether you're a seasoned video creator or someone who's never created a video before, our AI-powered tool makes the process of creating professional, polished videos remarkably easy. The tool allows you to focus on delivering content without the need for complex editing. Try it out for yourself and experience the simplicity of video creation like never before!

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