Raw Query

Have you ever wanted to chat with your database in the same way you chat with your teammates? Well, now you can with Raw Query. This AI-powered tool allows you to have natural language conversations with your database, making it easier to access and manage your data, whether you're a developer or a business professional.


  • Query your database and get instant answers in plain English.
  • Insert new data into your database with ease.
  • Make changes and updates to your database effortlessly.
  • Say goodbye to complex software and endless links for internal tools.
  • Save time and resources by simplifying your internal tools and applications.

Pricing Plans:

  • Free: 300 successful queries per month, 1 seat, and 2 databases.
  • Starter: $39 per month, 1500 successful queries, 5 seats, unlimited databases, and priority support.
  • Pro: $79 per month, 5000 successful queries, 10 seats, unlimited databases, and priority support.
  • Team: 20000 successful queries, unlimited seats and databases, and priority support.


  • Chat with Raw Query in plain English, no need for complex queries or waiting for a developer.
  • Easy cancellation directly from your settings.
  • Providing more context for the AI won't count towards your monthly quota.
  • Raw Query currently supports Postgres, MySQL, and MariaDB, with full functionality available for Postgres.

Raw Query offers a quick and easy solution for chatting with your data, saving you time and simplifying the process of managing your database. Whether you're a solo founder, part of a small team, or leading a larger organization, Raw Query has a plan that fits your needs.


  • Simplifies database management
  • Natural language queries
  • Time-saving for developers and business professionals


  • Some database features are limited based on the database type
  • Quota for successful queries on the free plan may be limiting for larger teams

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